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Motives by Loren Ridinger

I would just like to quickly say a big sorry that I haven't blogged since Thursday - I've been busy working, finishing my NVQs in Plumbing & Retail Skills and just generally spending time with Liam.

Just over a week ago, I was contacted by the lovely Jeyda to see if I wanted to try out some Motives by Loren Ridinger products and having never heard of the brand before before, I dutifully accepted. I've waited until now to try everything out which I've been so excited to do ever since the package arrived on Wednesday.

After doing a quick google search on Motives by Loren Ridinger (MLR), I've realised two things. One, is that Loren Ridinger is best friends with Kim Kardashian. Two, why have I never heard of Motives before?!

Long story short, MLR was introduced by Market America (Internet marketing and product brokerage company that specializes in one-to-marketing to sell a variety of products across numerous markets) back in 1997, five years after the company was founded by LR and her husband, James Howard Ridinger in 1992. MLR was then re-introduced in 2009 and has since been a big success. It was released in the UK in March 2012.

Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 in Cream Beige*

This self-setting foundation and powder in one is infused with powerful anti-oxidants and minerals that protect and hydrate skin.

I have never come across both a foundation and a powder in one before until now. It comes out looking all creamy which is what I would expect a foundation to be like and I've found that it blends in really well. On closer inspection, I've noticed that this foundation contains the smallest amount of shimmer which is hardly noticeable - it's only if you stand upclose to a mirror and strain your eyes just to see it. I'm assuming that this shimmer is one of the many benefits of this foundation as doing a little google search, this foundation has been created using the newest technology with rich polymers and silicone that protect the skin as well as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles or it could be its exclusive multi-mineral complex that helps protects the skin whilst complementing the complexion. It also contains vitamins A, C & E which gives your skin antioxidant protection whilst help conditioning the skin also. If only my Dad would listen to me that I'm getting my Vitamin C from my makeup.. Overall, this foundation is simply amazing - I have no downsides to it at all as it does everything and more that I would expect a foundation to it. 

Their foundation comes in eight different shades.
RRP £22.50

 Lip Shine in Debutante Pink*

With a lustrous finish, this blend of high quality botanical waxes and conditioners brings ultra shine and colour whilst hydrating and conditioning your lips.

I'm more of a lipstick kind of girl than a lipgloss person however the colour of this definitely did draw me in. It's a very delicate-y metallic light pink which is so eye-catching on the lips! It has this amazing shine to it which is a bonus. It contains antioxidants which helps gives your lips a more youthful appearance (I don't think my lips look that old!) The only downside I have about this product is that it feels sticky on my lips which I don't particularly like. 

Their Lip Shines comes in a variety of seven different shades.
RRP £13

 Khol Eyeliner in Onyx*
Make your eyes your best feature with our Motives Khol Eyeliner. The look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like, and will stay defined and precisely lined all day. This great eyeliner will not pull the delicate skin around your eyes; it glides on smooth and has all day staying power.

I personally don't wear eyeliner anymore as I don't think it suits my eyelash extensions. However when I saw this, I asked my Dad what colour is Onyx and he said it's a browny black which I thought would be perfect for my eyes to wear on nights out.. Turns out Onyx is actually mainly black which I found out whilst swatching my hand. When most eyeliners claim to have all day staying power, nine times out of ten they're lying. However, this one honestly has amazing staying power! I rubbed it under running water with soap and a flannel and it would not budge! It eventually started to budge after rubbing for ages so I'm amazed at this staying power. I will definitely find a use for this.

Their Kohl Eyeliner comes in three different shades.
RRP £13

Pressed Eyeshadow in Bedroom Eyes*

Ultra smooth and luxurious, these eye shadows are crease-proof and deflect the light away from fine lines to help visibly reduce the signs of aging for a bright, polished look. The Motives Pressed Eyeshadows have impeccable colour retention that does not run are crease so you always look your best. They glide on ultra smooth with incredible hold, a flawless look, and a luxurious feel and finish. Take the guesswork out of looking gorgeous. The Motives Pressed Eye Shadow promises to give you the long-lasting, high-colour look you have always wanted.

Just like with the eyeliner, I don't really wear eyeshadow anymore unless it's for a special occasion. However, the name of this eyeshadow intrigued me.. Bedroom eyes. It sounds so simple yet so effective - it's like "If you want to have Bedroom Eyes, just simply apply this over your eyelids and et voila, eyes perfect for the bedroom". I would just like to say that I've accidently done a drop test (It just fell out of my hands and dropped not even 7cm) on this at it were and the eyeshadow didn't break, the pan just fell out. So I think in future, their eyeshadows should have a little more glue on it. The colour of this is amazing when swatched - it's the perfect mixture of both bronze and gold with tiny bits of shimmer throughout. It's beautiful, it really is. I have to agree with it being long lasting - despite it being swatched on my hand and using my hands a lot, it lasted a good couple of hours. So I expect that on eyes, it would last even longer.

Their Pressed Eyeshadows come in a whooping seventeen different shades.
RRP £13

Vitamin C Lip Treatment*

Enriched with Vitamin C antioxidant protection, emollients and hydrating ingredients, Motives Vitamin C Lip Treatment helps resist chapping to keep lips soft and spple. Apply in the morning, throughout the day or before bedtime. Wear alone or layer with your favourite lipstick.

I think I was most excited about this product to be quite honest and I don't really know why. Perhaps it's my love for lip balms really, except this a lip treatment. When I sniffed this product, I was expecting it to smell of oranges as vitamin C comes from oranges but to my dismay, it didn't smell like oranges at all - it doesn't have a scent at all which I'm gutted about. I love my lip balms to have either a strong or subtle scent and to have one that doesn't have a scent at all just doesn't appeal to me at all. Despite it not having a smell, the texture of it is so light and yet so creamy! It definitely feels nourishing on your lips! I can't help but compare this to Carmex as it feels so much lighter than Carmex which has quite a heavy feel to it on your lips.The only downside I have to this product is that the container should have been made just a fraction bit bigger perhaps to the size of a Body Shop Lip Butter or a Lush Lip Scrub as those two sizes are perfect for somebody like me who has longer nails. Despite the size issue, I cannot fault this product anymore and I will definitely be using it underneath my lipstick from now on as it works so well as a lipstick primer as it were.

RRP £14

Despite the expensive price tags, you can get money back if you buy Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics through this website which I think helps makes it that little bit cheaper.

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