Tuesday, 19 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Me!

I've seen this tag floating around and I've really enjoyed finding out random things about everybody so I thought I would join the bandwagon and share my 25 random facts about me.

1. I've had over ten mobile phone.
2. When I was little, I watched Lion King so much that I broke the video of it.
3. My room could be classed as a library as I have books literally everywhere.
4. To this day, I'm still scared of the dark.
5. I'm currently going to college where I'm studying plumbing.
6. I live in UGGs pretty much all day, every day.
7. I believe in the supernatural.
8. My favourite colour is blue.
9. I used to be obsessed with polar bears but not so much now.
10. I first got into makeup when I was 11/12.
11. I'm a daddys girl through and through.
12. I will forever be a leggings girl with the odd exception of trackie bottoms and onesies.
13. I changed my name by deedpoll from Amy to Amiiee a few years ago.
14. I would much rather stay in with a movie than go out and get drunk, period.
15. I still sleep with my first ever teddy, Barney.
16. I find it near impossible to keep my room tidy for atleast five minutes.
17. I have a stutter which means I detest talking on the phone despite talking for Britain in person.
18. I am addicted to eyelash extensions and always will be.
19. I have many dreams about winning the lottery, I mean who doesn't have dreams about winning it?
20. I have a best friend who I've known for pretty much my whole life and we're still close today.
21. I have two tattoos currently and am planning to add to that.
22. I have four black cats who make me feel like a very lucky girl everyday.
23. I would love to live in America if possible.
24. I wish that I could go back in time and change a few things about my past.
25. I cannot use a manual tin opener for the life of me, fact!

I would love to hear your 25 random facts about yourself!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Favourites

Throughout January, I found my skin to be rather dehydrated than normal so I've been reaching for my Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream to help give my skin the moisture it needs. I've been using it both day and night and I find that it sinks into my skin ever so quickly whilst leaving it feeling really moisturised. I was recently sent Anti-blemish Skinetica to review and I've found that whilst I've been using it, I haven't had that many spots. It truly is a life changing product as I feel so much more confident in leaving the house bare faced as I know that my skin looks pretty darn good. You can read my review of Skinetica here.

Just like most people, my skin has been looking a little dull so I've been using Superdrug Natural High Radiance Balm to help perk it up a little. I use it just after my primer but before my foundation and I've really noticed how much more radiant my skin looks as it gives that dewy appearance that most people crave. I've reviewed the Superdrug Natural High Radiance Balm here. Cold, winter days has made my lips ever so dry so I've pulled out my trusy eos Lip Balm in Summerfruits. It leaves my lips feeling moisturised for hours and I don't feel the need to reapply it every hour or so.

Lastly, I've been using Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner every time I've washed my hair. I spritz it on whilst my hair is damp to help detangle it as well as pre-nourish it. It leaves my hair feeling ever so soft and detangled whilst leaving it smelling like flowers as my boyfriend Liam likes to say. It has also improved the condition of my hair as well when teamed up with my hair oil of choice.

I'm still getting to grips with taking pictures on my new camera as it seems that I can't get the light balancing just right on it so bare with me!

What have been your favourites throughout January?

Friday, 1 February 2013

January Empties

I seem to be going through quite a few products, especially in the last few months. And this month was definitely no exception, I managed to get through a whooping 24 products to be exact!

Let's start with the first product that I didn't quite finish.. The Gallery Club Nail Varnish in 419 Silver Sparkle. I actually overdid it with the nail varnish remover to revive it as it had dried out. None the less, it's a perfect silver glitter nail varnish which I have since repurchased. Next up is the MUA Primer which I have a review of here. I loved using it when I first got it however over time, the scent started to go off and I really disliked using it from then onwards. Another product that crops in every monthly empties is the Salon System Individual Lashes Ultra which are my HG of lashes. They last a good couple of weeks before needing re-doing and are cheap as chips. The other product that I didn't quite finish is the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation. The concealer of this I adore but the foundation is horrendous - it reacts so much with the air that it turns orange after a few hours that I'm just really wanting to get rid of. I enjoyed the coverage it gave but not the colour! My first ever bronzer was the Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer in 03 Bronze and I really enjoyed the colour payoff it gave until I discovered other bronzers. It had a weird consistency that needed a lot of buffing in but it lasted all day on my cheeks. I used up a sample of UNE Skin Glow Foundation which quite frankly is the worst foundation I've ever come across - it was so watery/oily that I didn't dare put it all over my face after depotting it into a little pot. The last makeup item I used up is the Wild And Crazy Eyelash Adhesive which is what I use to apply my lashes - its black, it makes them stick and it does the job nicely.

I've been on a mission to finish off all my body lotions and foot creams. The Naturally Upper Canada Hand & Body Lotion was my body lotion of choice whilst in America as the scent reminded me of L'Oreal Elvive Nourish & Shimmer Highlights Shampoo. It left my body feeling moisturised for hours and it wasn't left feeling greasy. I finished up two foot creams from Avon; Pomegranate Chocolate and Original which both left my feet feeling really soft. I finally finished up the Neutrogena 2-in-1 Wash & Mask which I really enjoyed using as it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. I finished off my Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam Sample which I started to notice a difference in my skin towards the end of it so I may consider purchasing the full size in the near future. I'm on a mission to make my teeth whiter so I found the Colgate MaxWhite One Active to be a good starting point as it slowly made my teeth slightly whiter whilst leaving my mouth minty fresh. One product that I was glad to see gone was the Crabtree & Evelyn Aloe Vera Shower & Bath Gel which to be frank, I just used to create bubbles as I didn't enjoy the scent of this when using it as a shower gel. Two disappointing body scrubs that I've used up are the Spa Natures Essence Body Scrub and Baylis & Harding Me To You Body Scrub which both did nothing in the terms of exfoliating my arms. I was sad to see my Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter go as it was the perfect body butter as it sunk into the skin quickly and left my skin feeling moisturised for literally hours as well as leaving it smelling good. I used until it was no longer usable a The Body Shop Facial Buffer which will always be a staple in my skincare routine which I cannot be without.

Haircase wise, I finished up both the Superdrug Raspberry & Macadamia Nut Shampoo & Conditioner which left my hair feeling clean, soft and smelling good. For the price of these, I was left amazed by how good they were. I also finished up a Asda Shampoo which I used to make bubble baths with - it made really big bubbles may I just add. Two lush products that I finished up are the Big Blue Bath Bomb and the Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar. Both did a good job at turning my average bath into a lush bath. I also finished up some Lacura 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes which do literally everything and lastly, I've finished up a pack of Johnsons Baby Cotton Pads. I find that if I cut each pad into half then they last twice as long.

 What did you use up throughout January?