Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Empties 2016 || Products I've Used Up

I've used up the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which is a brilliant budget friendly micellar water that removes practically all traces of makeup which comes in a massive bottle! I've finished up another Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which I will forever to have in my stash as it's one of the best hot cloth cleansers I've used which doesn't irritate my skin. I haven't used up the Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub however I'm having to throw it out because it smells off despite not actually going off till March. I've used up the Lancome Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover which removed all eye makeup but I felt like I went through it too quickly especially when it is rather pricey. I've finished up another No7 Youthful Eye Serum which I use under eye cream to help keep my under eye area hydrated. I've finally used up the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Conditioning Spray which has helped keep my locks silky soft and nourished.

I've finished up another bottle of the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel which long term readers will know I use to shave my legs with as it helps keep the just shaved feeling for longer. I've used up another Boots Build Up Removal Shampoo which I use every sunday to remove any product build up that I may have built up during thr week. I've finished up the I Love.. Perfectly Peachy Shower Gel which smells absolutely beautiful, lathers up well and promotes us women to CoppaFeel - literally! I've used up two tubs of the No7 Intensive Radiance Body Scrub which is one of the more grittier scrubs I've used without being too harsh on the skin. I've finished up the No7 Intensive Body Butter which smells divine and leaves the skin silky soft too.

I've finished up the No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer which doesn't necessarily airbrush away all imperfections but it does create a nice base ready for foundation. I've used up the Talika Eye Therapy Patch which I got two instead of three uses from and they helped to hydrate my under eye area. I've finished up the Seventeen Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer in Extra Fair which I use to conceal any blemishes and my dark circles. I've used up the Lush Pink FUN which I primarily used to create bubbles with. I've finished up the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob which I used to create the appearance of a fuller lip and to create a base for any lipstick I used on top. I've used up the Lancome Cils Booster XL which helped to make my lashes look fanned out and more defined. I've finished up the Benefit Gimme Brow which I use to set my eyebrows once I've my eyebrow pencil and powder. I've used up the Pretty Perfect Twist & Out Instant Nail Varnish Remover which is the only nail varnish I use. I've finished up a L'Oreal Mythic Oil Hair Mask which I used mainly as a conditioner as it helps nourish my hair and keep it in tip top condition.

I've finished up three packs of the No7 Quick Thinking Wipes which I use to remove foundation off my hands, clean surfaces with and to define my eye makeup with. I've used up two packs of the Wilko Maxi Oval Cotton Pads which are the only cotton pads I use as they don't fall apart at the first sign of liquid. I've also used up a few things from Lush including a Butter Bear Bath Bomb which is so cute and makes your skin feel really soft; a Cinders Bath Bomb which makes the bath crackle and pop and the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb which is a huge bath bomb that puts on a wicked water show.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Samples I've Used Up 029

I've finished up the CoLab Dry Shampoo in Tokyo which gave second or even third day hair look freshly washed complete with a nice scent. I've used up a cute travel sized Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which I have tried before and I do absolutely love this as a refreshing toner. I've finished up decent sized sample of the Yin Yang Natural Moisturiser that I managed to get atleast two weeks use of - it smelt very natural and felt light on the skin yet made my skin feel really hydrated. I managed to get one full use of the Suti Cleanse Balm which smelt nice and cleansed my skin well just I prefer cleansers and oils over balms. I've used up two samples from Avene which was their Light Hydrating Cream and the Rich Compensating Cream - both hydrated my skin just I much preferred the rich one especially at night. I used up the Silk + Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask all in one use which I didn't realise at the time but had actually expired back in August 2014 which explains why it smelt a little funky. I managed to get two full body applications from the Whish Body Butter in Almond which smelt so bloody good and left the skin feeling incredible soft and moisturised. I didn't really use the Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara as I used it a few times and then just moved on to something else and completely forgot about it so I don't really remember if I liked it or not. The No7 Lash Impact Mascara on the other hand is one of my favouite mascaras as it helps to make the lashes look really defined and gives a lot of volume.

I've used up the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel which all bloggers seem to love as it's the most sweetest shower gel ever and this certainly didn't disappoint! I've finished up a decent sized Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which I've used up countless bottles of as it's one of the best hot cloth cleansers around as it cleanses the skin without making it feel dry and tight afterwards. I've finished up two perfume vials; the Lancome La Vie Est Belle is a little mature for my own taste but still smells nice none the less whereas Juicy Couture I Am Juicy Couture is right up my street and a purchase is definitely on the cards! I've used up the Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum which made my skin feel soft and kept it hydrated too so I may consider buying this in full size at some point. I've finished up the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream which I really loved using especially when my skin was playing up! I just wish this wasn't so expensive as I would buy this in a heartbeat! I've used up two mascara samples; the Benefit Roller Lash helped define my lashes and made them look fuller and the Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-Porter pretty much did the exact same - I loved both mascaras and would consider purchasing one of these in full at some point. I haven't necessarily used up the Lord & Berry Black Eyeliner but it's gotten all short from sharpening that I can no longer hold it! It's a simple black eyeliner that did the job but wouldn't necessarily rush out to buy.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Shower Gel Good Enough To Eat (With A Good Cause Too!)

I'm sure that I'm not alone when it comes to not wanting to spend a fortune on products like shower gel, soap etc. I personally see it that you're literally washing away money as there is really no difference between a shower gel that cost £1 compared to one that cost £30+ apart from the brand/scent/ingredients but realistically, they all do the same job. With that being said, when I came across the I Love.. Perfectly Peachy Bath & Shower Creme, I had to stock up and buy a few bottles as they've teamed up with CoppaFeel to help promote breast cancer awareness.

The I Love.. Perfectly Peachy Bath & Shower Creme (£2.99) is a paraben-free and PH-balance shower gel that not only smells of heavenly ripe peaches but also gently cleanses and cares for the skin with a non-drying formula boosted with extracts of passion flower and peach. However it's much more than just a showergel, it has a handy #ShowerHijack guide on the back of the bottle which explains how to thoroughly check your breasts for early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

I Love.. are the first company to include information like this on their packaging and it is such a great way of putting the information out there whilst making it accessible but more importantly, fun! It literally takes just five minutes to check your breasts and whilst you're in the shower/bath, it's literally the most ideal place to do so. I'm sure that once I've used up the ginormous bottle, I'll keep the back part and some how frame it in the bathroom so every time I'm in the bath, I literally CoppaFeel as it were ;)

Friday, 15 January 2016

Products I've Hit Pan On

For those of you who aren't familiar with the terms "hitting pan on", it just basically means that you've used up so much of the product that you can visually see the pan/bottom of the packaging. These are one of my favourite posts to read as you can really tell when somebody loves a particular product and seeing as I do enjoy reading them so much, I thought I better share what products I use a regular basis!

The NARS Laguna Bronzer comes as no surprise as it's the only bronzer that I reach for to contour with. As you can see, I've hit pan quite a fair bit on this which just goes to show how often I reach for it! Seeing as this is one of my all time favourite bronzers, I cannot wait until I've used it all up and move onto my backup of it as there is no better feeling than swirling a brush in a new powder.

The Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut is a hidden gem in the beauty world as it's the perfect eyebrow powder for those who have fairly dark brows. I use this with the ELF Concealer Brush as it's small enough to mimic hairs whilst covering a large enough sparse area. I've been using this for the best part of three years so a little definitely goes a long way!

I remember when everybody was going on about the NYC Sunny Bronzer and how I jumped on the bandwagon but couldn't understand the hype about it at first but I can see why. It's billed as one of the best bronzers for pale beauties without coming across as being too muddy or orange - so long as you use a very light hand! 

Lastly, I simply couldn't mention MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade as it's one of the best highlighters ever and is one that I'm forever recommending to everyone and their nan! It gives an instant highlight within one brush stroke which intensifies the more you apply.  

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Boots Haul 021

I will admit that I much prefer doing my sales shopping online in the comfort of my own home rather than braving the cold and pushy crowds to get only a few things that I had to fight for. This year however, I decided to go to my local Boots for their 70% off sale which I must admit is rather frightening just before the store opens as the amount of people giving you the dagger eye is unreal! With that being said, I did get rather lucky and got quite a lot!

I've been wanting a delicate jewlellery stand for my bedside table for quite a while now and this beautiful ceramic heart shaped, two-tier stand fits the job perfectly! I'll be keeping all my daily rings on top whilst my bracelets and watches will be on the bottom and for only £3.60, you can't go wrong! I'd been eyeing up the Bell Jar for quite a while and when I saw one left, I knew it was meant to be however after getting it home, I'm not entirely sure what to do with it! This was also £3.60 so not bank breaking - any suggestions on what to put in it would be greatly appreciated!

Last year, I bought the horizontal three drawer heart unit which has been storing lip balms ever since and I absolutely love it. So when I saw the vertical version, I knew that I had to get it to complete the set! I don't actually have any use for it yet but for £4.80, you can't really complain. As I'm currently in the buying everything for when I move out phase, I thought it would be rude not to buy the two star candles especially when they were only £1.80 each and they'll make nice tea light holders once I've completely burnt up the candles. I've been debating whether or not to get the Soap & Glory She Bang Set for ages as I bought one as a christmas present for a family member so when I saw that they were only £18 I just had to get one especially as they were going fast!

I couldn't resist in picking up four silver tea light holders for only £1.20 each and if I decide not to have tea lights in them, my cacti fit perfectly in them too! It might seem a bit excessive in buying a trinket tray when I bought the jewellery stand however I think I might use the tray tray for candles as shown above if not, then it wont break the bank as it was only £3! Lastly I bought a cheeky candle which I won't ever burn as the lid is too beautiful for £3 also!

Did you pick up anything in the Boots 70% off sale?

Monday, 11 January 2016

Feel Unique Haul 001

Out of all the online sites for buying makeup, Feel Unique are one of my favourite ones to buy from purely because they're forever having some sort of offer going on. I don't always place an order though as I prefer to window shop rather than buying everything I have my eye on. With that being said, I did place a cheeky order just after boxing day which was sparked by this particular post by A Girl And A Beauty Blog who flagged up one of the products on my wishlist had some money off so naturally, I couldn't resist!

I've been wanting the TheBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette for the longest time ever, probably since it's initial release back in October but I'd just never got round to purchasing it.  It contains three shades - Mary-Lou Manizer which is a beautiful yellow champagne shade that looks stunning on the tops of the cheekbones; Cindy-Lou Manizer that is a pink toned shade that you can use for blush/eyeshadow and contouring and lasting Betty-Lou Manizer that is ideal for bronzing yourself up with. After seeing it at the bargain price of £21.60 which works out to be £7.20 per shade, it's one of the better bargains I've bought so far!

As I'm running low on my Dr Bronner's Magic Soap and won't be popping into a T K Maxx anytime soon, I picked up a new one in the almond scent which is my favourite scent to date. This helps to keep my makeup brushes clean whilst making them smell good too. Lastly, I bought the Redken All Soft Supple Touch which is a softening cream-spray for very dry/brittle to help improve the condition of the hair whilst making it more manageable in the process.