Friday, 31 May 2013

May Empties

I've finally finished this ginamous bottle of Classics Nail Polish Remover. Whilst it might not be the best out there, it's certainly one of cheapest and it does the job just as well. I've finished up a bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in Camomile which I much prefer to the original as it doesn't smell quite as strong of baby shampoo. I use this mainly for my make up brushes and it lifts the makeup right out of them. I've finished up yet another bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil which I only use for shaving my legs as it leaves them feeling silky smooth for longer whilst leaving them moisturised. I've also finished up another Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash which has been in quite a few Monthly Empties. I like the way that it cleans my face without leaving it feeling tight afterwards. I've had the Superdrug Hand Therapy Intensive Hand Cream for quite a while now and since it's been sat on my vanity, I've found myself using it a lot. It did the job of moisturising my hairs but I wouldn't say that I would rush out to repurchase it.

I've finished up the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which I have throughly enjoyed using. It left my hair feeling a lot softer and looking a hell of a lot healthier. I would definitely repurchase this! I've finished up another bottle of the Organix Macadamia Oil and I believe that I'm now on my third bottle of this as I've already repurchased it! I love using this on my hair when it's damp as it leaves my ends looking healthier and helps mend my split ends too. I've finished up a Original Source Watermint & Lemongrass Shower Sorbet which is actually my Dads. Both him and my brother have a habit of using up half a bottle of shower gel and then starting on a new one which means that at one point they had SIX half used shower gels between them! What I liked about the Original Source Shower Sorbet is that it lathered up nicely and did the job. I've finished up another hand cream in the form of Superdrug Hand Therapy 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Cream which is definitely my favourite hand cream! It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving any residue and leaves the skin moisturised for hours. I'm already on a travel sized tube of this.

I've finally finished up the last of my stocks of Lynx Attract For Her which I must admit that they're great value for money. It did the job but I wouldn't say I would rush out and repurchase as the smell of this started to annoy me a little. I've finished up C'est Le Fete by Christian Lacroix which featured in my April Favourites 2013. Despite having so little left in the bottle, I really enjoyed using it as it smelt really fresh and floral. I would definitely repurchase but I'm trying to use up the majority of my perfumes at the moment. I've finished up a Salon System Individual Lashes in Ultra Black Medium which are my go to lashes. I've talked about these so much that it must be driving you crazy reading about them in nearly every monthly empties post. I've used up a Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen which is a dupe for the infamous YSL Touche Eclat. This does the job well at concealing my dark circles and any blemishes I have. I will be repurchasing this at some point soon! I haven't used up the Rimmel Clear Cmplexion Concealer as I've had for so long now that I feel that it's definitely become unusable. From what I can remember, it was a okay concealer for blemishes.

What products have you used up throughout May?

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

I must be the only person who actually enjoys washing their hair - I really like the whole process of applying various products to my hair in the bath to make it a lot healthier and softer. Whilst that is all good and such, it's what you apply to your hair afterwards that helps keep it in tip top shape and I religiously apply Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner to my hair when it's damp.

It may seem a bit silly applying a leave-in conditioner after I've washed my hair which in some ways it is. However, the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner is also a detangling spray which makes life so much easier after spritzing it all over my hair. The normal version contains Australian Jojoba Oil which not only helps to detangle hair but it helps to protect it from everyday wear and tear. The one for coloured hair contains extracts of Australian Wild Peach and Avocado Oil which helps protect coloured hair but also detangles it as well.

I personally prefer the normal version as despite having coloured hair, I much prefer the scent of it. However the one for coloured version does a lot more for my hair which is due to it having extracts of Australian Wild Peach and Avocado Oil. Whenever I don't use this after I've washed my hair, I really notice a difference. My hair is more of a pain to comb through and it doesn't feel as soft. This is definitely my holy grail of a detangling spray/leave-in conditioner and I can definitely see myself repurchasing this time and time again. You can purchase the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner from Boots or Superdrug for £4.49 and is often included in some crazy deals such as 2 for £6/3 for £10.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MAC Lipstick in Pure Decoration

Anybody know is an avid fan of MAC's collections will know that the minute a collection goes live, most things will sell out within 48 hours. Especially if they're a hyped up collection! So when I found out about the Baking Beauties Collection on The Sunday Girls blog and then it being released on the 25th April, I wasted no time when it came to ordering Pure Decoration the minute I found out that they had released the collection.

Pure Decoration is a Cremesheen finish and is described as being a light, white peach which isn't how I would describe it at all. It's more of a warm toned peachy shade with orange undertones which is very similar to GOSH Lipstick in Darling depending on your lips! I personally found Pure Decoration to be a little drying when applying it which is a little saddening considering I quite liked MAC's Creme Cup which is also a Cremesheen. I find that this can last for almost three hours, providing that I've exfoliated and moisturised my lips before applying and not talking and drinking whilst wearing it.

I sorta wish I had done more research and looked at more swatches of Pure Decoration before purchasing it as it's not a shade that I normally wear and I feel like I've wasted £14 on it. I'm sure I'll find some way to make it work for me so that it's not a complete waste.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash

I have normal to dry skin which is very blemish prone so I try to use products that tick a few boxes and the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash has been a product that I've been using religiously for almost a year now. This is a daily exfoliating wash that is ideal for people who suffer from spots and blemishes as it aims to cleanse deep into the pores, clearing your skin of any impurities which leaves your skin feeling cleaner and clearer. It contains little microbeads which can be seen above which help to gentle exfoliate your skin whilst not over-drying your skin.  

I tend to use this both morning and night before cleansing my skin as I find that it works best for me that way. What I like the most about this is due to it being a gentle exfoliating wash, I find that it doesn't irritate my skin and leave it feeling tight. It just leaves my skin feeling clean and a lot brighter which I'm sure most of you want from a facial wash.

I can definitely see myself repurchasing this time and time again like I already have been doing as it just does the job as well as keeping blemishes at bay. You can purchase this from many places including Boots and Superdrug for a purse friendly price of £4.49.

Monday, 27 May 2013

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup

I'm definitely one of those people who prefer drugstore products over high end any day as I've never liked to splash out a lot of money on just one product when I could get could quite a few products for that same amount. However that's starting to change and I'm partially blaming Jessie for that as she gave me my first MAC lipstick at Christmas which has taken me a little over five months to finally blog about!

Creme Cup is one of MACs' popular shades as it is a definite favourite amongst many bloggers which I can definitely see why. It's a cremesheen which means that it applies rather creamily and leaves a slight gloss to it. It's one of MACs' most moisturising finishes for lipsticks. Creme Cup is a pale nudey pink which can lean towards being more pink depending on your lips.

I personally find Creme Cup leaning to be more pink than a pale nude on me which isn't too bad considering that it's subtle enough to be worn throughout the day. The wear time of this is rather disappointing at only a few hours but I think that is the same for every Cremesheen lipstick, correct me if I'm wrong!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthday Haul

I know that these sorts of posts are rather controversial and can be seen as a way of bragging however I personally quite like seeing what other people get for their birthdays so I thought I would share what I got for mine.

I actually got my main present back in January which you can read about here. With that in mind, I didn't get a lot from my Dad and his partner, Rebecca but none the less I'm grateful for it. Rebecca bought me a Alphabet Makeup Bag which featured on gh0stparties' blog a while back which has been on my birthday list ever since I saw it. My Dad got me the Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets Book which I've been reading snippets of ever since I got it as it's such an insightful book which gives tips and tricks on how to apply makeup. Liam actually didn't pick out my present as I bought it myself with his card at the start of the month which he knew about may I just add! As the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection wasn't due to be released until the 20th this month, it made sense to order it online from the States which made it a hell of a lot cheaper!

One of my dear friends Jessie, surprised me with a personalised birthday card as well as quite a few things off my Birthday Wishlist. She got me the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer which I've been wanting forever, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Prickly Pear as well as a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. One of my other dear friends, Sophie also surprised me with a Clique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy, Topshop Necklace, Topshop Nail Varnish in Keepin' It Sweet and one of the new Bourjois Cream Blushes.

I actually received a massive box just over an hour ago from somebody who you all know, Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady. She bought me two books; Toxic Beauty and Cupcakes At Carringtons as she knows how much I love my books. She also got me a NARS Illuminator in Orgasm, a Paul & Joe Dual Ended Eye Liner, a Skin Serum Collection by Unique and a load of Bath Rocks by Bomb Cosmetics. She also got me two more things which are two Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse and Celestial which were also on my Birthday Wishlist. One of my newest friends Megan who I only met and started talking to last month, got me a Japonesque Dual Sided 120 Brush and a Burts Bee Lipbalm which I cannot wait to start using!

I would just like to give a big massive thank you to Jessie, Sophie, Sophia and Megan for everything you've got me! You don't know how spoilt I feel right now. I would also like to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday on Thursday as you truly made my day.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mandara Spa Amber Heaven Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

The Mandara Spa Amber Heaven Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is a product that I only started reaching for last week as I had treated myself to a fake tan as I was going to a Wedding Reception over the weekend. On first glances, it looks like a very rich body butter which melts when it comes into contact with your skin. However, it contains very fine granules of sugar which help to exfoliate your skin much like the name of this suggests. To say that this smells good is an understatement as it smells so delicious that I simply cannot put my name onto what it smells like. But looking at it's description, it's a blend of sandalwood and patchouli which gives it it's very luxurious scent.

A little goes a long way with this as you only need a small amount to exfoliate your skin with so I can definitely see this 450g lasting for atleast a year. When teamed with a shower puff, it helps to exfoliate your skin more and leaves your skin feeling ultra soft due to the moisturising shea butter which is what gives the Sugar Scrub its' body butter appearance. A bonus of this is that the scent lingers on your skin well after you've used it. I can easily see my Dads' partner using this as well so I'm sure I'll buy her a tub of this herself as at £10.50, it's hardly going to break the bank when it's going to last for absolutely ages.

A quick google search shows that it's available from Sainsburys of all places and Time To Spa which has free shipping.

Monday, 20 May 2013

NOTD 005

Over the weekend, I had a Wedding Reception to attend to up in Lincoln for Liams' good friends Sim & Si. The reception was absolutely beautiful! There was a photo booth where you could get your picture taken with silly props, endless trays of food, incredible music being played across the dancefloor and it was generally an incredible atmosphere.

As I was wearing a baby pink dress, I thought I would colour co-ordiate my nails to match. Essie's Muchi Muchi was the closest thing I had on hand and after near enough five coats, it was opaque! I decided to diamonte my thumb nails and create a "white tip" except with diamontes of course. It's a simple look but I loved the way it looked with my dress.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish

After recently switching the majority of my skin care routine to more natural products that are suited to my skin type, I've been turning to the Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish for those times when my skin needs a little perk up. The New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish aims to cleanse deep down into pores, removing excess oil and dirt whilst the bamboo and jojoba beads gentle slough away dead skin cells. The mango seed butter helps to soften and moisturise the skin which in turn helps to keep the pores clear.

I've been using this twice weekly as recommended for a little over three weeks now and I've noticed that my skin is looking a lot more perkier than normal which is definitely down to this product. It's a very creamy, subtle exfoliator with little beads in it that you massage onto wet skin in circular movements and then wash away with warm water. I prefer washing this off with a muslin cloth as I find it helps exfoliate my skin that little bit more. This smells exactly like mangos which I'm sure would appeal to many people.

I've noticed that not only is my skin looking a lot more brighter, I'm not having nearly as many break outs which is a definite bonus. Whilst the entire Amie range is primarily aimed at young, teenage skin, I do believe that the New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish would work for most people as it's main aim is to cleanse deep into your pores whilst leaving your skin moisturised. I would quite happily repurchase this when I run out as well as look into more of the range.

The Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish is available on their online website, Amazon and in Supermarkets for £4.95.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

NOTD 004

After picking up China Glazes' infamous Whirled Away a week ago, it hasn't left my nails. This combination reminds of japense cherry blossoms just a blue version instead of pink. This is actually my first China Glaze nail varnish after picking it up from eBay from a trusted seller. Whirled Away is a clear polish with small and large hexagonal black and white particles suspended in the varnish along with long black stripes. It's similar to the L'Oreal Confetti Topcoat which I'm eager to get my hands on still. I've had so many compliments on my nails these past few days and I personally think that this would look awesome layer over nudes.

I layed it over one of Rimmel's Lyca Pro nail varnishes. I chose the shade Aqua Cool as I personally fancied something a little cooler in color compared to the pinks and purples I've been sporting on my nails in recent weeks. It's a definite cool toned blue which is perfect for those cold winter months unlike the spring/summer days we're having right now. I've currently been wearing these for around three days now with only the minimal wear and tear on the tips!    

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment

After discovering the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Treatment Masque over six months ago, I've found that it wasn't doing the job as well as it used to do. So it wasn't until I read a review of the Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment on a blog that I knew I wanted to try it out for myself. Luckily, it was included in my #NottsBBMeet goodie bag so you could say I was over the moon to finally have it.

Neal & Wolf is the brainchild of Neil Capstick who has worked in the hair industry for over twenty years. It combines both the ultimate in product excellence with the ultimate in glamous to provide a professional haircare range without the stunning price tag. Harmony has been specially created to repair damaged hair, which we both know I have, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation. The different in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.

After having this stuck in a drawer for a few weeks, it's fair to say that this stuff stinks. Not in a bad way at all but rather in a luxurious, perfumed way that it is impossible to say exactly what it smells like. The consistency of this is pretty light for a "combination of unique conditioners" however once left massaged into damp hair for 3-5 minutes , you are literally left with a transformation of more healthy looking, shiny hair that is both manageable and tangle free I found.

I've been using this twice a week and to say that I haven't seen a change in my hair is an understatement. I can now go longer without washing my hair if need be and it has now got its shine back. It also feels a lot more healthier than before and for that, I would happily repurchase this in a heartbeat.

The Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment is available on their online website but is remarkly cheaper on Beauty Bay for £9.95.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

In the last six weeks or so, I've really been starting to take proper care of my hair. It's not that I wasn't taking care of my hair before, it's just I've started a hair care routine which I'm truly starting to see the benefits of. The start of my hair care routine has been using a shampoo and conditioner aimed at making my hair stronger and what better brand to turn to than Organix with their Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both the shampoo and conditioner from this range contain a unique, precious blend of moroccan argan oil which instantly penetrates the hair shaft, restoring shine and softness whilst strengthening and creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.

I have personally noticed such a difference to my hair in the last weeks which I think is mostly from using this duo. They make my hair feel silky soft which is long-lasting sensation so I don't feel the need to use a hair oil (despite applying a hair oil regardless). This duo has also made my hair grow quite a fair bit which is always good news to anybody who's wanting to grow their hair. They've also made my feel a lot fuller and full of life again. They're also at a purse friendly price of £6.99 for a huge 385ml bottle and can be found at Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried anything from Organix?

Friday, 3 May 2013

April Empties

I cannot believe that we're now in May! It seems so surreal that we're now in what's starting to feel like Summer and the fact that my birthday is just twenty days away. Throughout April, I didn't find myself using up that many products however it's definitely made room for new ones.

I've finished up the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner which lasted me four months which is really good for the price. I've used every time I've washed my hair as both a detangling spray and a leave-in conditioner. This has left my hair looking really good and I think it's partly down to this. I've finally finished the ginamous tube of BlanX Advanced Whitening Toothpaste* which I really enjoyed using. It definitely improved the whiteness of my teeth and I'm looking into purchasing a few more products from the range. Whenever I finish up a Twist And Out Instant Nail Polish Remover, I always look forward to using a fresh one as these get so grubby after 20+ uses! It costs under a pound and does the job of removing nail varnish remover all in one little pot and sponge. I've finally used up the Superdrug Coconut Oil which took forever to finish! That's probably because I tend to use it every Sunday as a treatment for my dull, dry hair to perk it up. I've also finished up yet another Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser which is still my favourite cream cleanser to date! I've finally finished up some cotton pads which my Grandma gave me last year in America and I've definitely enjoyed the quilted design of them which has helped to remove make-up more effectively than those without.

I've finally finished up my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which funnily enough, I bought exactly a year ago! This has got light to medium coverage with just enough shimmer to make your skin look luminous enough to not look like a disco ball. I'm definitely considering repurchasing this as I enjoyed using it a lot. Whilst re-decorating my room, I rediscovered a load of perfumes that I forgot I had and CK IN2U For Her* was one of them. With notes of vanilla, grapefruit and red cedar to name a few, it's a definite seductive perfume which is perfect for the transition from day to night. I've finished up another tube of The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which I've reviewed here. I'm already on my third tube and will definitely repurchase ASAP! I've finished up a sample of Anti-blemish Skinetica* and I'm already onto my second full sized bottle. I quite like using this as a spot treatment as it helps to get rid of blemishes. Lastly, I've finished up a little tube of Wild And Crazy Eyelash Adhesive which is what I use to apply my eyelashes whenever I do them. It's the perfect glue to use!

What products did you use up during April?
*pr sample/gift/giveaway win

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April Favourites

Whilst at the #NottsBBMeet, I was recommended the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate during my skin consultation which I just had to pick up. Since using it almost every night for a little over ten days, it's made my skin feel a lot less dehyrdated and a lot more brighter in the process which in turn, has made me feel a lot more confident in my skin. Another product that hasn't been in my stash long is a sample of the Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream which has to be the best BB cream I've come across, even overtaking my beloved 17 BB Cream! Its a one colour suits all which can be a little too orange for those of paler complexions but once blended out, it leaves your skin looking a lot brighter and more even. It also has SPF30 which means that I'll definitely be wearing this all throughout Summer.
I've recently been embracing the whole dewy face with a sheer nude lip and I've found that the Revlon Lipbutter in Sugar Frosting is just perfect. Its one of my most worn lipsticks purely because it provides a little colour to the lips as well as making them look glossy as well. Lastly, I've rediscovered a perfume whilst redecorating my room (I had a whole drawer filled of them!) C'est La Fete by Christian Lacroix is one of those perfumes that is ideal for spring/summer with notes including pear, passion fruit and jasmine. The scent lingers on the skin for quite a long time which is what anybody would expect from a perfume. As I'm near the end to this, I will definitely be repurchasing it soon.
What products have you been loving throughout April?