Sunday, 22 April 2012

Creightons to the rescue!

I like to dye/highlight/change my hair colour a lot (I've been doing this since I was 11/12) so I've been many shades from bright red to blonde and back again several times.

Two weeks ago or so, I decided to go back to blonde as I was bored of being a faded red colour so I bleached it straight and after washing it out, I noticed that my hair was literally breaking off.

So what does any normal person do other than myself? They would either panick or just strip the colour. Well not me, I put a brown dye on, left it in for about 15 minutes and washed it out. Silly idea, I know!

So now that I've changed/coloured/dyed/killed my hair, it's rather brittle and needs some TLC.
So as well as going on a "I'm not straightening/curling/colouring my hair again" strike until my birthday (A month tomorrow to be exact) - I'm also using two products which are quite literally life savers.

Say hello to my new favourite friends!


The left is Creightons Intensive Care Conditioner (Infuses smooth, silky feel to dry or damaged blonde hair) whilst the other is Creightons Extra Moisturizing Shampoo (Rehydrates, softens and smoothes dry or damaged blonde hair).
The experts claim: "Sunshine Blonde is the new way to help blonde hair look and feel as fresh as when you left the salon. Sunshine Blonde not only adds great shine and condition, but it helps conteract the problems that make blonde hair so vulnerable to colour change"

And I have to admit, I have definitely noticed the difference! It definitely makes my hair feel softer after all those years of killing it and it definitely does look healthier.

And seeing as I'm refusing to colour it till after my birthday, it's making my blonde bits lighter so that it looks like I've been colouring it when actually I haven't.

You pick these products up from your local Poundland.

Do you know any products that will help really damaged hair?


  1. Once I killed my hair beyond repair. I had to have it cropped, fortunately it looked good short!

    1. Ah! :( Did you kill it beyond repair from dying it or? I wish that my hair looked good short.. x