Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mini Boots Haul

"I would much rather buy 3 cheap lipsticks for the price of one expensive one"
Yes, I have only gone and treated myself to two more lipsticks whilst in town with Liam today as well as buying three more after posting about my lipstick collection.
 I only actually popped into Boots because I wanted Natural Collection's Corrector Stick in Green and luckily they one! But I couldn't help but resist buying a few more lipsticks, especially when they had so many nice shades..

SORBET; £1.99

When I first swatched Sorbet - I noticed how delicately pinky/coraly it looked and the more you build up the colour, the more noticeable the colour was which I quite liked. It also has a slight shimmer in it (which you can't see above) which I'm sure some people may not like.


With Sand Castle, it's more of a coral colour than Sorbet which I like as it looks more natural looking. Once again, you can build up the colour to make it darker. 

The one thing that I like best about Natural Collection - is that it's always 3 for £5 (I think!) And they always have a nice array of products with nice shades.

So this now means that I now own 6 Natural Collection lipsticks - not meaning to brag or anything!

Do you own any Natural Collection lipsticks/products?
What's your favourite?


  1. Nice post!

    xx Veronica

  2. I don't own any Natural Collection products. I didn't realise they were that cheap.


    1. You should definitely try their stuff out! I still think it's any 3 for £5 :) x