Thursday, 6 June 2013

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub

For almost a year, I had been religiously using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Gentle Exfoliating Wash which I've repurchased over and over again. It wasn't until at the start last month that I noticed that it wasn't having the same effect on my skin like it used to do which is a shame as I really enjoyed using it both morning and night. I then remember a conversation I had with Jessie at the #NottsBBMeet which then made me go out and buy the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub (NVCSSCDS).

I like my facial products to either smell or to not have a scent at all and with this, I really dislike the scent of it! It smells rather faintly of cucumbers with a scientific mix. I've previously tried the 3-in-1 Cleansing Lotion from the same range which also smells exactly like this. For the record, I do not have sensitive skin at all but with the NVCSSCDS I have to be extremely gentle with it especially on my nose as I find that it can make my eyes water amongst other things.

Scent aside, I find that this is no where near as gritty as my previous exfoliator as it's more of a cream rather than a liquid which takes a while to get used to. Although it isn't as gritty as I would like it to be, it does do a good job at buffing away any dead skin I have on my face as well as helping with blemishes. I haven't had any major ones for almost three weeks now which is a record! Although I'm not entirely sold on this, due to the scent, I will continue using it before I have to make the dreaded decision of repurchasing it or not.

You can find the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub at Boots and Superdrug at a purse friendly price of £4.79.

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