Friday, 6 February 2015


Indeed Labs are renowned for their cult favourite; Hydraluron and have a huge following of worshippers including myself as they can simply do no wrong! Recently, I've noticed that my current eye creams aren't quite cutting it in the moisturising stakes so I decided to try out one of lesser spoken about products, Eysilix. 

Eysilix (£24.99) is an eye cream which combined ten leading peptides along with the latest botanical extracts to help minimise the look of puffiness, dark circles, crow's feet and wrinkles all whilst hydrating the eye area.

Unlike other eye creams that I've used in the past, Eysilix is one of the more thicker ones I've tried yet still feeling fairly light in texture. My skin loves it as it drinks it up within seconds as it instantly feels hydrated and my eye area looks slightly more awake than before. I've been using this most days for the past four months and I must admit that my under eye areas do look better - I no longer have noticeable dark circles and the slight creases are not as visible as before which is a definite bonus. I personally wouldn't say that this is a one trick wonder as with everything, you do have to have patience and give it time before you start to see noticeable results. There is still a lot of hype surrounding this product and I would say that it is true just you do have to stick with it! I will most definitely be repurchasing this at some stage but for the time being, I've got a few more eye creams to use up.

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