Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lush Heart Throb Bubble Bar

I never really care for the Lush collections unless there is a particular product that grabs my attention. On my most recent venture into Lush, I decided to pick up a few products from their Valentines Day collection. I only picked up a few things including the Heart Throb Bubble Bar.

The Heart Throb Bubble Bar (£3.65) is a two layered, vivid red bubble bar sandwiched together with sticky gold glitter butter-like-cream-glue which you could get up to six baths from if you divided it up right. It shares the same scent of their African Paradise Body Conditioner - a mixture of essential oils and frangipani which when combined with nourishing shea butter, makes it extremely moisturising!

Unlike other bubble bars that I've used in the past, I was rather disappointed with this one due to the lack of bubbles it made however it did turn the water a beautiful shade of red which will be perfect for Valentines Day! As it is loaded with shea butter, it leaves the skin beautifully moisturised and soft so you can opt to skip the body lotion if need be. I personally quite like this bubble bar for the water tinting aspects and moisturising properties but I'm disappointed that it didn't create a mountain of bubbles like many have in the past.

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