Wednesday, 23 January 2013

BlanX Non-Abrasive Whitening Toothpaste

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'd prefer my teeth to be considerably whiter than what they actually are. Although we all know that we can't achieve sparkling white teeth using products from the high street unless we turn to getting our teeth turned professionally. And saying that, I'm pretty sure that we've spent a few bob on products which claim to whiten your teeth only to realise that they don't actually work.

This is where BlanX comes in - their unique combination of ingredients is proven to give you healthy white teeth which in turn gives you a whiter smile. But how is that possible? BlanX has an active ingredient within their products called Artic Lichen (Iceland Moss to you and I) that combats the bacteria responsible for causing cavities. It removes bacteria that stick to the enamel and penetrates deeply into teeth to removed bacterial residues and stains caused by food and drink. It also helps to stop plaque from forming. 

Did you know that standard whitening toothpastes often have a high RDA (Relative Dentine Abrasivity - the measure of how abrasive a toothpaste is according to its potential to remove part of the surface enamel during brushing) between 100 to 150 which may have harmful effects in the long run whereas BlanX has a low RDA of less than 70 which is very non-abrasive and is suitable and safe to use everyday.

Now onto the real test - does it live up to its claims or is it another cop-out product?

Well for starters, it's a whooping 100ml in a rather nifty plastic tube which means that you can squeeze out just the right amount and avoid getting messy. The smell of this is rather minty, mintier than some toothpastes I reckon although it tastes nothing like how it smells. Remember when you were little and you brushed your teeth with Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste? It tastes EXACTLY like that! You don't know quite how excited I was to find out that it tastes like that.. And yes, I do get excited about little things like that.

Now for the record, I have reasonably white teeth which could be whiter in my opinion. However I have four teeth on my bottom row which are very stubborn as no amount of brushing/using whitening products will remove/whiten the yellow-ish stains. 

The first week of using this, I couldn't help but notice how cleaner my teeth felt and looked. They just looked so squeaky clean, almost as if I'd just come back from a cleaning at the dentists! I also noticed that my teeth looked slightly whiter than normal which is a good sign. Throughout the second week, I was using this in conjunction with another toothpaste (As I tend to live round Liams' quite a fair bit during the week). Despite this, I noticed that those four stubborn yellow stained teeth looked WHITER! More whiter than yellow I'd just like to point out! Unfortunately, there wasn't a key for what colour they were on the little handy BlanXometer shown below..

Overall, I do definitely have significantly whiter teeth than before I started using BlanX's Non-Abrasive Whitening Toothpaste and I will most definitely be repurchasing this time and time again! If you're wanting to start your journey into getting whiter teeth, then I would definitely recommend this toothpaste as a starting point!

BlanX Non-Abrasive Whitening Toothpaste along with BlanX's other products can be bought from many high-street places including Boots, Amazon and BlanX online. Prices range from £5.90 to £11.