Friday, 18 January 2013

Nottingham #bbloggers Meetup April 2013

Some of you may remember that there was a #bbloggers meetup in Nottingham back in October which was organised by the truly amazing Sophia. The meetup was a most definitely a success and consisted of lots of shopping with all the girls mainly talking about beauty and blogging in general. Sophia has organised ANOTHER meetup to take place on Saturday 13th April 2013 in Nottingham

Who is organising it?
This time around, Sophia decided that she would rope in her two of her closest blogging friends as well as myself to help arrange. The other two girls are Sophie who runs Candy Cane Heart (@sophie_swinney) and Jessie who runs The Bode Boutique (@thebodeboutique)

Who can come?
 Anybody can come to the Nottingham #bbloggers meetup just so long as you are a blogger! You don't specifically have to be a beauty blogger; fashion and lifestyle etc bloggers are just as welcome! All I ask is that if you are under 16, you must have parental permission and make sure that your parents are aware where you will be and from what times.

Where is it?
 The Nottingham #bbloggers meetup will take place in Nottingham City Center. We will meet outside the Nottingham City Hall, next to the lions (big, BIG statues of lions!) Nottingham has a huge array of shops to suit everybody including its very own Space NK, MAC, Lush, The Body Shop, Topshop, Primark, big department stores as well as small boutiques. There is something for everyone to enjoy!

What time is it?
The meeting time is 11am and we will remain at the lions until 11.30am for any of those who are running late or can't make 11am exactly. This will be an all day meetup until 8pm although you do not have to stay all day and you can go whenever you are ready!

 What will we do?
At the last #bbloggers meetup that Sophia arranged, we went for a starbucks, did some shopping and then those who remained all went to Nando's for dinner. You can find out exactly what happened at the previous Nottingham #bbloggers meetup here. There is no definite plans as personally I think that definite plans can make meetups slightly boring! So we shall see where the day takes us.

If you have any questions
If you have anything else that you would like to know or ask about the meetup than you can tweet me or any of the other girls:
Or you can email Sophia: with the subject of Nottingham #bbloggers Meetup.
For anyone who wants to know how to get to the lions from the Nottingham train station or either of the two coach stations, you can look here.

I as well as the other girls really do hope to see lots of your lovely faces at the Nottingham #bbloggers Meetup!


  1. I'm hoping there's another one next year, Hopefully I'll be moving pretty near :) xx

    1. There should be another one next year *fingers crossed* It's a shame that you can't come to this years one though :( xo

  2. Eeee I've been waiting for a blogger meetup this year, I'm definitely game! Will be so nice to finally meet people :)

    Rhiannon xxx

    1. Well I think you'll definitely enjoy the Nottingham meetup then Rhiannon :) xo