Monday, 2 July 2012

June Empties

One of my favourite posts to read is monthly empties posts - I like to see which products people have used up and just their general thoughts on them. I've discovered so many products this way, whether I should buy them or miss them altogether.

June has been a pretty busy month for myself, I've been rushing about everywhere and doing everything so it's not surprising the amount of products I've gotten through this month! This is probably because I haven't been chopping and changing as much and have finally gotten through many half full products!

 001. Tresemme Colour Thrive Blonde Shampoo: I bought a few of these in bulk when I first went blonde and have been slowly making my way through them. Since having gone back to blonde from red, I've noticed that this shampoo does nothing to make my hair keep its blondeness - it only makes it feel softer.
Would I repurchase? Nope - As I have more than enough in backup.

002. Tresemme Colour Thrive Blonde Conditioner: Just like with the shampoo, I bought quite a few in bulk. The only difference with this is that I've noticed that if I use too much, it's impossible to make sure that it's all washed out; if I use too little, I feel as if my hair isn't clean enough therefore I have a love hate relationship of this as I honestly have to get the right amount between the two for it to be silky smooth.
Would I repurchase? Nope - As I have more than enough in backup.

003.Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray: I've been using this product constanstly for the past five years and I swear by it. I find that this does the trick and is also the perfect nozzle shaped spray as well to get a decent amount sprayed onto your hair.
Would I repurchase? Yes - when I've finally used up my back-ups.

004. Loreal Matte Morphose Foundation Sample in Creamy Natural 140: I don't think you can get this product in the shops anymore which is a good thing as I think this is the product to blame for my little break up which I've just overcome. It's medium to full coverage which I quite liked as well long-lasting but it just wasn't for me.
Would I repurchase? Nope.

005. Loreal True Match Foundation in N4 Beige: This is the liquid version of the Roll on Foundation which I swore by. Despite it not being my exact colour, it worked perfectly with my skin. It blended in nicely, was light coverage - overall I rather enjoyed it.
Would I repurchase? Probably not.

006. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 200 Soft Beige: This foundation claims to last for 25 hours yet it only lasted 8 which is still not bad. It felt lightweight on my skin and was medium coverage.
Would I repurchase? Maybe

007. Salon System Individual Lashes in Ultra Black Medium: This is what beauty salons use for eyelash extensions and I cannot fault these at all. They look so natural and I already have a pack waiting to be used.
Would I repurchase? Definitely! Again and again!

008. Imperial Leather Sensuous Silk with Orchid & Jasmine Bath Cream: I picked this up from Poundland and a little goes a long way with this! It made tons of bubbles which lasted for ages and it smelt devine. A truly good bubble bath cream!
Would I repurchase? Yes.

009. Allura Nail Polish Remover: Near enough all cheap nail varnishes are the same, just with different packaging. It does the trick so I cannot complain.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

010. Charlie Pink: This is pretty much one of my favourite Charlie sprays. I just love how it smells and it lasts for a very modest 2 - 3 hours which is not that bad for a body spray. It's cheap and cheerful and that's how I like it.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

011. Lynx Attract For Her: I remember looking everywhere for this back in January and bought four when I finally did find it. This can lasted for five months which is pretty darn good. It does the trick, smells nice and I love it.
Would I repurchase? Definitely.

012. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash Sample: This has such a nice scent to it - it's unbelievable! I used one of my three samples of this and it did the trick. My face felt cleaner and softer which is what I like my facial washes to do.
Would I repurchase? Already have but in full size.

013. Witch Cleanaway Cleanser: I had a love hate relationship with this cleanser - Some days it made my face feel really clean and refreshed and on other days I really detested it. That's probably because it stunk a little too much of witch hazel but none the less, it did do the trick.
Would I repurchase? No as I'm currently trying out other cleansers.

014. Simple Purifying Toner: This is the first ever toner that I've tried. It made my skin feel fresh and soft and I knew that it was puryifying my skin. I'm sad to see it all used up but I shall keep the bottle to fill up with my new toner for when I go away to America at the end of the month.
Would I repurchase? Yes - if it wasn't discontinued.

015. Australian Bodycare Argan Cream w/ Vitamin E: This is my favourite moisturiser and I will always keep on using it! I always seem to use a jar a month so I'm glad that I have a lot in back up. This leaves my skin feeling really moisturized as well as nourished.
Would I repurchase? Definitely! Time and time again!

016. Allura 125 Soft White Cotton Balls: I like to use these for mainly removing nail polish and sometimes make up. They do the trick so I cannot complain. And - they're only £1 from Poundland which means that I'm not breaking the bank.
Would I repurchase? Yes.

017. Allura 75 Cotton Pads: I've recently found out that the texture of these varies from store to store which is kinda odd. None the less, these are perfecting for cleansing and toning my skin with and they do the trick. Complete and utter bargain for £1 for two.
Would I repurchase? Definitely 

018. Pure 3in1 Make Up Removal 25 Complete Cleansing Wipes: I like to use these for everything and not just for removing my makeup. They're so handy and I always make sure that I have a load in back up. 
Would I repurchase? Of course.

019. x2 Pure Exfoliating 20 Complete Cleansing Wipes: Just like with the 3in1 wipes, I use these for everything. I definitely did find that these exfoliated my skin but I can't understand why there's only 20 in a pack. None the less, they're a bargain when it's 2 for £1
Would I repurchase? Of course.

Phew! That was quite a lot of products! I'm glad that I finally have some space in my drawers and can now go buy new products to replace the ones in back up. My July Empties Post will be slightly earlier as I'm going away to America on the 25th so look out for that!

How many products have you used up?


  1. I love the Lynx for her! I'm using it sparingly though cos I can't replace it! (That doesn't mean I smell - I have other sprays haha) Trying to finish my Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation too!! xo

  2. Amiiee, this puts my measly empties post to shame! Too bad the Simple Purifying Toner has been discontinued :/

    xx Veronica

    1. I think it puts most empties posts to shame :( But it's not about how many you've used, it's about using them up! I know.. At least I've got a few new toners to try out and replace it xx

  3. Wow you got through so many products this month!! I love the Lynx deodrant - I keep stocking up just incase it goes off the shelves with it being limited edition lol.


  4. it's amazing how many empties u can get thru isnt it?!


    1. Yup! And it's such an amazing feeling as well getting through them :) xo