Sunday, 8 July 2012

Superdrug Beauty Card Haul

Whenever I make my way to pay for something from Boots or Superdrug, I always make sure that I have my loyalty card for that shop ready as I will appreciate it later on down the line. Fact.

I'm sure many of you own a loyalty card or two and adore spending the points you earn on them - I myself am one of those. I told myself that I would save up my Boots points for the Real Techniques Core Collection - I got up to 700 points and decided to spend them all. It takes a lot of determination and displicine to stop yourself from spending your points if you ask me.

Superdrug released their own loyalty card in May 2011 where you earn one point for every £1 you spend (Two points for every £1 you spend on Superdrug Own Brand items) which is a little stingy when you compare it to Boots who offer four points for every £1.

After having accumulated quite a few points, I decided to spend them all on a few things that I needed wanted in my life.

From L-R

Hand Therapy Intensive Hand Cream
After falling in love with their 3in1 Hand Cream, I decided I would go out and buy the 75ml version so that I could take it on the plane with me but at £1.99 there was no way I was going to buy it. Instead, I settled on this one which I'm sure will help protect my hands whilst I'm out in America at the end of the month. Especially since I've been told I have to help my Grandma milk the cows.. Eek!
£1.39 for 75ml

Superdrug Own Coconut Oil
After reading all about Charlotte's update on how her hair wouldn't grow and how she recommended a few products (Read her amazing post here). I just had to get my hands on some coconut oil but not at £6.99! A blogger said that Superdrug did their own version but cheaper and I just had to get it! I haven't tried this out yet but I'm so eager to and see the results.
£1.99 for 125ml

Coconut & Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner
After reading Danielle's post on how this product has made her hair full of life, I hoped that my local Superdrug stocked it. Which it did, thank god! I've been using this every time I wash my hair and I seem to leave it in for ten minutes or so rather than the recommended three to five minutes. I've seen my hair honestly change - it gave instant results! A tiny pinch goes a long way with this! You can expect a review of this real soon!
£1.49 for 375ml
Raspberry & Macadamia Nut Conditioner
This was most definitely an impulse buy which has persuaded me to use up the rest of my conditioners before I can start on this. It's cheap and cheerful and smells delicious! I could honestly eat it. I like the fact that it has a pump on it instead of you having to squeeze it..
99p for 250ml
Raspberry & Macadamia Nut Shampoo
Just like with the conditioner, this is a impulse buy too. I'm definitely going to use up the many shampoos I have on the go/in backup before I will use this. I wish all shampoo's were pour out of the bottles ones instead of some being that way and the rest you have to squeeze.
99p for 250ml

I would just to quickly apoligize for not blogging as much - I've found myself becomming addicted to Pinterest and spending time with Liam. I've also found that I have't had much to blog about either - perhaps I have writers bloggers block? ;)


  1. Great items, I always love collecting the points so I then get bits for free or at a discounted price. The intensive hand cream sounds lush :)


    1. Ditto! It's just a shame that it takes ages to accumulate the points again after you've spent them :( x

  2. I only realised that Superdrug only offer 1 point per £1 the other day, super mean of them, I'll find myself trying to buy all my beauty stuff from Boots now to earn more points haha!

    I love it when you realise how many points you've earnt and go and treat yourself! :)

    Just found your blog, now following, maybe you could check out my blog too?

    Laura xx

    1. Despite that - they do run good offers where you get double points or bonus points. It's just a case of seeing which offers they have and whether or not you'll buy into it :)

      Exactly! It's like a free treat in a way.

      I'll definitely check your blog out :) xx

  3. i have that conditoner and was literally the same, the smell is the only reason i bought it, have you used it yet? x

    1. Not yet.. As still trying to get through my stash of them :( xo