Monday, 2 July 2012

Whats In My Handbag: Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner

What's In My Handbag (WIMH) is an online website which allows you to discover the beauty products that everybody loves. It's kind of like an online beauty cabinet - you browse through handbags or upload your own, if there is something that you have, you press Have This or if there is something that you want, you press Want This; However, you're only allowed 10 Wants a month. It's pretty straight forward really.

Every week, they allow their users to try the beauty products that everybody loves. It varies from week to week. If that week, the try is something that you've always wanted to try - you simply fill in your address and complete their little questionaire. Fingers crossed and you may be chosen.

Last week's try was Percy & Reed "No Fuss Flawlessness" Dry Conditioner which I dutifully wanted and thus I completed the questionaire and completely forgot about it. That was until the postman knocked on the door on Saturday with a little black box and I jumped for joy.

I was honestly not expecting it to be presented like that at all - It looks so professional looking, being in a little black box, and the product wrapped up in black tissue paper with a simple yet elegant sticker. 

The product states "Give your hair healthy softness and shine, without the H2o. Our fab conditioning formula reduces damage caused by brushing as well as adding gorgeous, glossy shine to even very dry hair. Result!"

I bet you've already heard of Dry Shampoo's and probably have one in your drawer but I completely agree with you on the whole I've never heard of a dry conditioner before.

Being eager to try it out, I attempted to spray it in my hair which was literally impossible! I had to press down pretty hard just to get it to start spraying. Now, this product honestly smells like hairspray - not the dry shampoo spray scent I was expecting despite it being dry conditioner. I only sprayed the teeniest amount on my hair and I must admit, it did make my hair feel softer but I can't see any shine in it. 

Overall, I can't see myself using this product on a daily basis however I'll be taking it away with me to America at the end of the month where I'm sure that I'll use it up with all the heat and stuff.

Don't take my word on it though as I'm sure it works for other people just I personally found the pressing down on the first attempt and almost choking on it a little too much which has made me dislike the product.

Percy & Reed No-fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner is £12 for 150ml and can be bought from here, here or here

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