Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Boots Haul 021

I will admit that I much prefer doing my sales shopping online in the comfort of my own home rather than braving the cold and pushy crowds to get only a few things that I had to fight for. This year however, I decided to go to my local Boots for their 70% off sale which I must admit is rather frightening just before the store opens as the amount of people giving you the dagger eye is unreal! With that being said, I did get rather lucky and got quite a lot!

I've been wanting a delicate jewlellery stand for my bedside table for quite a while now and this beautiful ceramic heart shaped, two-tier stand fits the job perfectly! I'll be keeping all my daily rings on top whilst my bracelets and watches will be on the bottom and for only £3.60, you can't go wrong! I'd been eyeing up the Bell Jar for quite a while and when I saw one left, I knew it was meant to be however after getting it home, I'm not entirely sure what to do with it! This was also £3.60 so not bank breaking - any suggestions on what to put in it would be greatly appreciated!

Last year, I bought the horizontal three drawer heart unit which has been storing lip balms ever since and I absolutely love it. So when I saw the vertical version, I knew that I had to get it to complete the set! I don't actually have any use for it yet but for £4.80, you can't really complain. As I'm currently in the buying everything for when I move out phase, I thought it would be rude not to buy the two star candles especially when they were only £1.80 each and they'll make nice tea light holders once I've completely burnt up the candles. I've been debating whether or not to get the Soap & Glory She Bang Set for ages as I bought one as a christmas present for a family member so when I saw that they were only £18 I just had to get one especially as they were going fast!

I couldn't resist in picking up four silver tea light holders for only £1.20 each and if I decide not to have tea lights in them, my cacti fit perfectly in them too! It might seem a bit excessive in buying a trinket tray when I bought the jewellery stand however I think I might use the tray tray for candles as shown above if not, then it wont break the bank as it was only £3! Lastly I bought a cheeky candle which I won't ever burn as the lid is too beautiful for £3 also!

Did you pick up anything in the Boots 70% off sale?

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