Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Boots Haul 001

I've recently placed an order on Boots as they were having a sale on Boots Botanics products where you could save up to half priceacross the whole range which is still running at the time of posting! As this was such a good deal which I couldn't pass up, I decided to stock up on some new products to try.

The Rosewater Toning Spritz has been a blogger favourite for quite a while and has been largely spoken about in recent weeks due to our sudden heatwave. I am a huge fan of the Boots Rosewater Toner which sadly you can only get in large stores and as they don't sell it online, I thought I would settle for the Botanics version instead. As it only contains five ingredients, it makes it 100% organic so it must be good! I actually have a 200 points voucher when I buy any Botanics product so I think I might stock up and get another one.

I've bought two of the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balms as I'm eager to try out a balm cleanser but I don't fancy shelling out the cash just yet for the Emma Hardie version. Botanics have recently repackaged and reformulated this and seeing as I didn't try out the original version, I'm hoping that I'll get on okay with this especially because I've bought two! It contains rosehip oil which is meant to be good at fading scars so hopefully this will get rid of quite a few old blemish scars.

I've lastly bought their Facial Oil to try out as an alternative to my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate for when I run out of it. I haven't heard much about this product so I'm hoping that my skin will love it. Just like with the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, this also contains rosehip oil as well as omega oils which is meant to improve the skins suppleness and to restore the skins natural glow.

What have you been buying lately?


  1. I've been using the cleansing balm for a month now & it's amazing!

    Sarah |

    1. I'm eager to start using mine just I need to wait until I've finished up my current morning/night cleanser xo