Monday, 19 August 2013

Wilko Hand Sanitiser

Ever since I started this blog, I've become more aware about the need to sanitise my hands before, during and after applying make up to avoid cross contaminating products and to avoid spreading germs across my face. With many people raving about the infamous Soap & Glory Hand Maid which costs £2.50 for 50ml which to me is pretty expensive for some scented hand sanitiser which may only last a month or so. I thought that I better find a cheaper alternative before I splash out the cash for it and what better way than opting for Wilkinson's Hand Sanitisers. Wilkinson's Hand Sanitisers come in three different scents. You can opt for either the unscented/normal which will smell rather strongly of alcohol or you can opt to get a scented version to mask the smell in Berry or Citrus.

My personal favourite is Berry as it just smells very strongly of berries with just a hint of alcohol mixed in. I prefer to keep this one in my bag for when I'm out and about and I opt to keep Citrus on my vanity to help perk me up whilst doing my make up early in the morning. The only negative I have about these hand sanitisers and in particular Berry is that my fingers feel sticky after using it which does disappear after a few seconds when it's been rubbed in completely.

From a price point of view, these are well worth the money as they're only 50p for 50ml which works out to be better value for money per use. I've been using both every day for a little under a fortnight now and I can see that each one will easily last for two months or so. I've already stocked up and have have two more of each scent in back up so I won't be running out any time soon!


  1. These look great, especially for 50p!! x

    1. They're such a good product especially at such a low price :) xo