Saturday, 26 April 2014

No7 Quick Thinking Wipes Review


For absolutely ages before I started blogging, I would always remove my makeup with a makeup wipe or two which is now considered a sin by the likes of Caroline Hirons. Whilst I do now remove my makeup using a micellar water and reserve the likes of wipes for removing foundation marks on hands etc, sometimes I just want the refreshing feel of a wipe on my face during the middle of the day. On those days, I find myself reaching for the No7 Quick Thinking Wipes.

The No7 Quick Thinking Wipes contain Pro-vitamin B5 and extracts of witch hazel and fennel to not only moisturise and soften the face but to help clear pores, and leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh. Unlike other wipes, these feel very damp to the touch and aren't thin and wispy like some makeup wipes can be nor do they rip in half at the first sign of removing stubborn makeup. There have been a few occasions where I've used them to remove mascara and I can definitely vouch for its waterproof makeup removing properties!

Overall, I do really like the wipes but the main thing about these that stand out is the packaging as you don't find many makeup wipes that are resealable with a lid which helps prevent them from drying out. I've read a few reviews complaining about how dry their packs were when they first opened them which I certainly haven't encountered but that can be fixed by storing them upside down and leaving them for a few days. As these are rather pricey for makeup wipes, it's better to wait until No7 are handing out their £3 off makeup/£5 off skincare which brings the price down to only £2!

What are your favourite makeup wipes?

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