Wednesday, 17 October 2012

17 Mirror Shine Relaunched Lipsticks

I've always wanted to get a hold of some lipsticks by 17 but the Boots closest to me never seemed to have any in stock. It wasn't until Alice from Bright Town Girl had blogged about 17 relaunching their mirror shine range that I was more determined than ever to get hold of some. The old packaging was simply a metallic blue bullet with pink 17's across the lid whereas now it's a rather sleek plastic black box shaped bullet, which is remarkably similar to Barry M's lipsticks but instead with a built in mirror which you can see below.

If you ask me, the built in mirror is definitely a nice touch as it means that you won't have to go hunting through your bag for a mirror however it just feels so plastic and cheap like - so not worth the £4.79 if you ask me although lets not let the packaging spoil it this review! So with a new relaunch, it's only fair that they bring out some new shades as well, right? The old range which you can still get in shops has 8 shades whereas the relaunched range has now got a whooping 17 shades. However they've changed the name of one shade which you can get in both ranges and removed three shades for the relaunched range. But still, 13 new shades to play with for only 20p more than the original one is still good! Ever ranting about the packaging and relaunchment and what not.. On with the shades I bought!

After seeing many swatches and reviews online, I decided to only get three shades which only one is a new shade. I've been wanting Beehive and Belle for quite a while as they're infamous across the blogging world and they're still being blogged about today! Camisole was a complete impulse, maybe because I have a unhealthy obsession with nude lipsticks.

Camisole can only be described as a nude which applies very sheer. It can come across as being a lipbalm/lipgloss on some people's very pigmented lips but it may show up better on those who don't have very pigmented lips. Unfortunately for me, it is very much more like a lipgloss on my lips rather than a lipbalm but I'm sure that I'll find a way to make it work with other nude lipsticks.

Belle is one of those shades that can be classed as my lips but better shade. Despite the bullet looking like a deep pink with brown undertones it applies very sheerly and just adds a subtle hint of colour to the lips. I've noticed that on more pigmented lips, this shade doesn't show up well whereas on my lips, it just adds a nice hint of colour. Realistically, this is more like a lipgloss than a lipstick in my eyes.
Beehive is also a shade that is just like my lips but better shade with a hint of glossiness! It applies very sheerly but it's not very buildable as too many layers will make it look rather thick and give the appearance that your lips are greasy. Despite that, it's a very wearable shade but just like the other two, it's more like a lipgloss than a lipstick.

L-R is Camisole, Belle + Beehive.
I personally think that 17 should bring out a range of matte lipsticks which would perhaps give more colour to lips rather than the sheer, my lips but better shades that they currently have especially in these three shades.
Have you tried one of the new shades from the relaunched Mirror Shine range by 17?


  1. I don't have any from the new range but I'm a fan anyway and have a few "old style" ones xx

    1. What shades do you have from the old packaging? :) xo

  2. I have beehive, i didn't even know they were doing a relaunch!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Yeah - they did a relaunch purely to change the packaging and to introduce a few new shades. You can still purchase the old packaging ones though :) xo