Monday, 15 October 2012

Re-Gen Cream

I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that I hate blemishes - they always make you apply more makeup to a blemished area which can do more harm than good. My skin type for reference is normal/combination which means that I'm prone to blemishes more than anything else. I find that the spots take longer to go away and after they've gone away, I'm left with red blemishes that take rather a long time to disappear completely. I've only noticed that I've had this since November 2011 which is rather specific, I know, but it's when I had something put into my arm.

I've looked around into many spot fighting products that would help to both kill the spots as well as get rid of the red scarring however the price tags of some of the products which claim to do just very that, has always put me off. I've tried a few products that people swore by worked for them which didn't necessarily work for me. It wasn't until I came across Zoe's cheap skin miracle post that made me go out and purchase it regardless if it did the same for me like it did for Zoe.

This pot cost me no more than £4 which is a complete bargain in my eyes. I use the cream both mornings and nights, regardless if my skin has blemishes or not. The consistency is very creamy but not thick at all - it's rather light weight infact. It works best when it's really massaged into the skin so I spend a few minutes really making sure that it's worked in well. It takes only a few more minutes until it's completely sunk into my skin and it leaves it feeling so soft and moisturised. I think the reason why this product is so amazing is that it contains pretty much similar ingredients to Bio Oil but it's in a cream version rather than in an oil.

I find that this doesn't prevent blemishes from appearing but it does definitely reduce the time it takes for the blemishes and scarring to disappear. It also makes my skin look brighter and my pores smaller which is always a good thing. So for a product which looks rather cheap and costs under £4 - it certainly does the trick in my eyes. You can purchase this item from Home Bargains.

 Have you got any blemish fighting products that you swear by?


  1. Ohh I'll definitely be looking out for this, love Home Bargains!
    It sounds like I have the same problem as you, with the red blemishes that last ages and make your skintone really uneven :/

    Jesss xo

    1. You should honestly invest in it! As even though I've been using this non stop for about two weeks now.. The red blemishes has definitely decreased and you can barely see them xo