Friday, 19 October 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip/Balm Stain

They're compared to Clinique's Chubby Sticks with a near on identical appearance and a similar combination of both a stain and balm, these Just Bitten Kissable Lip/Balm Stains from Revlon come in seven shades (twelve if you're living in the US) and posses a sweet peppermint scent. The crayon application has a soft, rounded tip which gives you complete and utter control for an easy and precise application.

When these were released in the UK, I wasn't overly impressed with them. It wasn't until I started reading reviews of shades that we couldn't easily get over here, that I started wanting a few. I waited until I went to America to buy my first one three and then I bought two more at a car boot sale a few months later. Altogether, the shades I have are Honey, Cherish, Sweetheart, Rendezvous and Precious.

Honey is a dusty pink-mauve shade in the bullet which is just slightly darker than my natural lip colour. On the lips, this translates to an almost berry like apperance which is very welcoming for Autumn. This would most definitely suit all skin types. This shade has been talked about being a "my lips but better" shade which sometimes is not always the case.

Cherish is a light blue toned pink which is a very light Barbie pink in my eyes! On the lips, it applies a very sheer pink which I find not to be very buildable. It does soon deepen into a rather nice shade of pink which is a little bright to my liking.

Sweetheart is Cherish's bigger sister, a hell of a brighter pink. This is definitely a shade that Barbie would wear! This translates on the lips as a very bright pink which then builds into a more brighter, dark pink as it settles on the lips. Once again, this a too bright and out of my comfort zone.

Rendezvous is the brightest of them all, especially in it's bright orange packaging. Rendezvous is coral orange on the bullet which on the lips, applies as a bright orange. This too gets brighter on the lips when it settles. I think this looks better on other skin tones than on me, as personally it's too bright.

Lastly, Precious is a light beigey brown with a slight pink tone to it. I find that this applies a very sheer light pinky brown colour which has an almost pearl like effect to it. This is definitely my favourite out of the lot as once it's developed after a few seconds, it's a my lips but better shade.

Unforunately, I find that the balm effect disappears after about an hour but the stain lasts for a good few. Which is not bad considering that it's effectly a tinted lip balm which leaves a stain. I've noticed that these do stain and can take a lot of scrubbing to get rid so let that be a warning to you!
L-R is Honey, Cherish, Sweetheart, Rendezvous and Precious.

You can purchase these from any Superdrug/Boots for £7.99


  1. I haven't actually got round to trying these yet, really need to. Honey looks like an amazing shade :)


    1. You should definitely get round to trying some soon! Honey is a amazing colour however I'm not too keen on it as it's out of my comfort zone xo

  2. I love these, especially cherish!

    Sophierosehearts x