Sunday, 28 July 2013

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

Face masks are only something that I've introduced to my skin care routine in the last four-ish months or so, well since April to be precise. I've dabbled around with the one satchet, one use wonders and I've lusted after many high end ones but it wasn't until the #NottsBBMeet that I finally found a face mask that I actually enjoy and love using despite it's rather herby scent.

When I first used this, I couldn't help but turn my nose up at disgust at the smell. It's got a rather distinctive herby smell when applying it which lingers on the skin throughout the duration of the face mask which has now started to grow on me. The scent may be down to the bespoke blend of angelica, rose geranium, palma rose, lavender and Roman chamomile oils which help to make the skin brighter which also softening, calming and cleansing the skin. Another thing that I didn't particularly like is the fact that it's a exfoliating face mask. You apply the mask to dry skin as normal but then using circular movements, massage it into the skin to allow the ground up walnut shells particles to gently slough away dead skin cells. I've never encountered a face mask like this but it's definitely worth it especially for the results it gives.

Like many face masks, they aim to give you smoother skin blah blah blah. However, this face mask truly gives you smoother skin. I've never felt my skin feel as silky smooth like this before and that is just after one use! Smoother skin after one use is not all that it gives - after using it twice a week for a fortnight, the majority of scarring on my jawline and down my neck from previous breakouts have completely disappeared, and my complexion in general is just a lot clearer and brighter. I'm sure that with continued use, the results will only get better in time.

Whilst the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask is rather expensive, weighing in at £18 a pop for 75ml, it is definitely worth it for the results especially in the long run. You can purchase this and other products from the Balance Me Range from the Balance Me website and Look Fantastic.

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