Monday, 8 July 2013

Japonesque Dual Sided 120 Brush

For those of you who've read what I got for my birthday, you will have noticed that I was spoilt and got two different brushes; the Limited Edition Real Techniques Brush Set from Liam and the Japonesque Dual Sided 120 Brush from Megan who I was so glad to have met in person at the #NottsBBMeet back in April.

The Japonesque Dual Sided 120 Brush is a unique dual-sided brush which has both a natural and synthetic side to it. The idea behind it is that it's perfect to both apply powders/creams/liquids to the face with the synthetic side whilst the natural side is perfect to blend it all in. Just to clear up which side is which, the cream-ish side is synthetic whilst the darker side is natural.

I've personally never got on with paint brush style foundation brushes as I find it to take forever and it never buffs in nicely so I much prefer using them with face masks. However what I like about the concept of this brush is if I were to go travelling, ideally it would do two options instead of one which means that I wouldn't have to take as many brushes.  In terms of how good it is, I would honestly say that it's not that great for applying foundation as I don't like painting on my foundation as it were as I much prefer using the RT Expert Face Brush for foundation. However, I do rather like the natural side of it for applying/blending in concealer under my eyes as it's the perfect side and density to do so. I haven't yet experienced any shedding whilst washing it which is good going in my eyes.

You can buy the Japoneseque Dual Sided 120 Brush as well as other brushes from the range from HQ Hair for a bargain price of £7.25 (at the time of publishing this!)


  1. I'm so into brushes at the moment, this looks really great :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Well if you're going away on holiday soon, then you should invest in this brush :) xo

  2. oh I love the look of this brush!! such a cool idea! I do like the pain style foundation brushes for when I want more coverage but for every day I just use the RT stippling brush :D
    Agreed with you this is perfect for traveling! ^_^
    Big hugs honey <3

    1. I wish more brush companies would do something similar instead of having to take so many brushes! I personally can't stand the RT Stippling Brush although I have only used it three times /: xo