Sunday, 17 November 2013

Samples I've Used Up 005

The Dr. Organic Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream was a sample that I was most looking forward to trying as I rather enjoy trying out different hand and nail creams. With that being said, I was left rather disappointed as I wasn't expecting it to be quite as thick and greasy as it was. This didn't sink into my hands quickly like most hand creams do and I found the scent to be rather offputting as it didn't smell strongly of manuka honey. However, I did find that this sample worked better as a foot cream as it left my feet feeling very soft especially after applying it and putting a pair of socks on for a few hours to leave it to do its magic. I doubt I would ever purchase this in full size.

Another sample that I was looking forward to trying is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 100 Ivory. I don't particularly suffer with oily skin however I've noticed that if I'm doing a lot of manual work then I can sweat my makeup off which doesn't look appealing whatsoever. I found this shade to be far too orange especially for a supposedly ivory shade but I didn't let that put me off. I noticed that you had to work quickly with this foundation as it tend to set and then not budge at all which meant taking my time buffing it all in was rather difficult. I found that this was far too cakey for my liking despite it claiming that it doesn't give a cakey appearance and I noticed that it oxidised quite a fair bit meaning that the already orange shade was a lot more orange than before. I wouldn't ever purchase this in full size as I have found much better foundations than this.

I used up a sample of the Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream which I received in my #NottsBBMeet Goodie bag. This is an anti-aging night cream for those with more mature skin than myself which although I don't suffer with wrinkles just yet touch wood, I do however want to prevent them any way possible. I never normally base a sample/product primarily on its scent however this really did smell quite bad - it's an almost chemically, pungent cheap-ish scent. This was also far too rich for my skin and I could still feel remnants on my skin come morning. I didn't notice anything different in my skin at all apart from the fact that it felt greasy and for that reason, I will never purchase this in full size.

A sample that has frequented in many of these posts is The Face Shop The Smim Radiating Moisturising Cream. This is a very light weight moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling moisturised and looking radiant. I noticed that after applying this, my skin looked a lot brighter than before and it felt really moisturised. I still may consider buying this in full size once I've finished up all my samples of this however I have quite a fair few moisturisers that I need to use up first.

The last sample I've used up is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. This is supposedly a BB cream that has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties whilst giving the skin the appearance of a silky complexion all from a pearl infused sheer coverage. I received the sample No2 which is Light Beige which is rather orange based which is unheard of for an Asian BB Cream. I found this this was very full coverage which is another thing that for Asian BB Creams is unheard of. I personally didn't like this sample at all as it oxidised very quickly and lasted on my skin for a matter of hours. I wouldn't purchase this in full size.

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