Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment

During the Summer time, Tresemme released their Platinum Strength range which has been raved about by fellow bloggers left, right and centre. The range itself has been designed to repair and reinforce hair as well as visibly repair up to two years worth of damage within just five uses which is quite a bold claim to make. I've been using their Deep Conditioning Treatment from the range one to two times a week now for the past two months and I think it's about time I shared my two cents on it.

The Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment is a mask that you apply to shampooed/conditioned wet hair from the mid-lengths to the ends ideally with a wide toothed comb or your fingers to help equally distribute the product. Once worked through the hair, you're meant to leave it on for between three to four minutes before washing it out. I actually tend to leave this on my hair for a lot longer than what is recommended as whilst my hair isn't quite as dry as what it is during the summer months, the cold winter days can have the same effects as well so I like to think that I'm helping to combat this. After rinsing this out, my hair instantly feels softer whilst wet which is the still the case after I've towel dried it. I've noticed that my hair appears to dry slightly quicker than before when I use this and I'm not loosing quite as much hair as before. My hair feels a lot healthier than what it did before I started using this and overall, it just feels a lot softer. I wouldn't really say that this has helped to visibly repair up to two years worth of damage but I would definitely say that it has improved the condition of my hair and made it a lot more healthier.

Whilst this was a nice deep conditioning treatment, I don't think I would rush out to buy it when I run out as I'm sure there are some equally nice if not better ones out there especially ones that smell a lot nicer than the typical Tresemme scent. You can purchase the Tresemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment from Boots and Superdrug for under £6.

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