Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Blemish Busters

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo has been raved about left, right and centre for its blemish busting ways and truly so. It is unlike any other blemish buster in my eyes as it is quite frankly everything you could need in a blemish buster. It unclogs sebum-blocked pores and purifies them preventing future breakouts from appearing as well as reducing the size of existing blemishes, rids the skin of dead skin cells all whilst leaving the skin softer, clearer and in general improving the overall skin texture. The new Plus (+) version is just a improved version of the original but with the added bonus that it helps to heal red and dark marks after a breakout.

To me, the Soap & Glory Dr Spot is dupe of the Origins Super Spot Remover just without the hefty pricetag and more product for your money. It contains Poreshrink-R (?), Salicylic Acid and Ginger which helps fight any stubborn spots immediately after application. I've noticed any pesky blemishes are reduced in appearance within a few hours which is incredible results. Whilst the packaging is all clean and swanky, it does have a habit of leaking without any pressure so be warned.

I'm sure that everybody is sick and tired of hearing that Sudocrem is perfect for breakouts which was made famous on TOWIE but I simply couldn't resist adding it in! Apply quite a thick layer all over any breakouts at night and come morning, they will look reduced in size and appearance. I don't do this every night as it can be quite drying but that can be overcomed with a moisturiser. This is also one that will last you a lifetime which makes cost per use very low!

Before I start applying any makeup, I like to apply the No7 Rapid Spot Rescue on any pesky blemishes that I have lingering on my skin and let it sink it and do it's magic. Just like the Soap & Glory Dr Spot, this also contains Salicylic Acid and gets to work immediately after application. Unlike some, this is non drying so it wont dry out the skin. Tip: Apply a small amount and rub it in over a large area to prevent it flaking off during the day.

The Laidbare Spot The Difference Problem Skin Treatment Cream was a T K Maxx find last year and has helped fight any spots ever since. Despite this being targeted to those with oily/combination skin, I find this works just as well for me and I prefer using this before my moisturiser. This contains extracts of Chrysanthemum (flowering plant) and Fennel which helps calm any irritation and reduces any lumps and bumps; Caffeine which is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and Horse Chesnut Oil which helps care and soothe sensitive skin. This also has the added bonus of reducing shine.

What do you use to banish those blemishes?


  1. Dr Spot is amazing! I apply it before I go to bed if I have any nasty spots, and by the time I wake up, they're gone.

    1. I couldn't imagine life without Dr Spot :) xo