Monday, 3 February 2014

No7 Pore Vacuum Mask

When Boots were handing out their most recent batch of No7 Voupons, I decided to buy the No7 Pore Vacuum Mask as it claims to give pores a much needed deep clean with the purifying clay that acts as a magnet to help open up the pores and draw out any blackhead causing dirt. Whilst I don't suffer too badly with blackheads, I do have some on my nose which don't seem to budge no matter what I use so I had high hopes for this mask. Sadly, I did not get on with this mask at all.

Firstly, this mask does state that it shouldn't be use on dry skin which may be my downfall but my skin felt relatively normal with no dry patches at the time. I applied this to cleansed, dry skin and applied a thick layer as instructed and left it to try for at least ten minutes. After the ten minutes were up, I proceeded to "peel" off the mask which started to bring tears to my eyes as I was actually ripping out facial hairs which I was not expecting at all. I decided to use a muslin cloth and wash off the remainder which did infact remove it all but I was left with a lovely red mark on my jawline which meant that I had a allergic reaction to it which has almost cleared up.

Whilst this is rather pricey for what it is, I do think that those with tougher skin as it were would have better results than I did. If my review has not put you off and you do decide to purchase this then I urge you to use this with caution


  1. Maybe try the Origins Clear Improvements mask? I have dry skin and find I'm ok with that one.


    1. I've definitely got my eyes on the Origins Clear Improvements Mask just at the moment, I have so many face masks that I won't purchase it until I've used up a few xo