Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lush Ickle Baby Bot

Sometimes in life, I find that everything gets a little bit too much and nothing is better than a bubble bath. For those particularly stressful days when I know that I will struggle to get to sleep, I like to use something that is lavender based as it is so calming and relaxing. In particular, the Lush Ickle Baby Bot which I pop in my bath.

The Lush Ickle Baby Bot is more geared to those little people that we were all once hence why it looks so cute with his jolly blue face and stumpy little legs. With it smelling mainly of lavender and containing many essential oils, its ingredients have been chosen to be very gentle and soothing on the skin especially when lavender is said to encourage sleepiness which is why its so popular with mums and kids. No matter your age, he will not disappoint in the bath tub as he'll turn the water into the perfect shade of blue whilst fizzing away. Once all fizzed out, the water is left feeling soft and moisturised and you can definitely smell the lavender. I can guarantee that you should feel relaxed after using this ickle baby bot as I certainly do!

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