Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

When I first started using makeup brushes, I didn't know what to clean them with. After a little research, I discovered that most beauty bloggers opted for baby shampoo which not only cleaned the brushes but kept them soft too so of course, I jumped on that bandwagon. Whilst they did do the job, I felt that they weren't making my brushes as clean as I wanted them which I when I discovered Dr Bronner's Magic Soap.

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap (£8.99) is one of those mystical products that you can use for a variety of things and not just washing your makeup brushes such as; a body wash, handwash, household cleaner, laundry cleaner and even brushing your teeth with! Unlike most mystical products that come only in one scent, Dr Bronner's Magic Soap comes in a variety of scents of which come in different sizes. The one pictured above is Almond which I have the 473ml size.

When I first started using Dr Bronner's Magic Soap to wash my makeup brushes with, I didn't realise that you had to dilute it with water as I was just swirling my brushes into the liquid straight up which has probably done more harm than good. Nowadays, I tend to pour a decent amount into a mug before diluting it with warm water in which I swirl my brushes into it. Whilst it doesn't remove all the makeup without one go, it does remove the bulk of it and after a few dunks, it removes literally all traces whilst leaving them almond scented. Whilst it does do the trick, I sometimes like to follow it up with some hand wash just to get the brushes really soft again as whilst the magic soap does clean them up really well, it doesn't always leave them soft to the touch. Whilst this may seem like a pricey investment for your makeup brushes, it is most definitely one that you need to invest in as one bottle will easily last you the best part of five months and that's with washing your brushes every week!
(HINT: Whilst Feel Unique is still good value for money, you can often find these in your local T K Maxx store for about £3 less, so it might be worth checking out your local stores before buying them from Feel Unique!)

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