Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Espa Haul 001

When this blog post goes up, I will actually be sunning myself in Lanzarote hence why this is the first of quite a few haul posts. I didn't intentionally plan this just however I was away with work for a course literally days before going away on holiday and one thing just lead to another and I came away with a rather heavy suitcase and a much lighter purse. On this said course, I was staying at The Village Hotel in Nottingham which I've been to previously and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. This time however I noticed that they were running a deal in the spa where you could get a fourty five minute facial for only £34 so of course naturally I booked myself in for one having never had a facial before. FYI Best thing ever!!

After fourty five minutes worth of my face being slathered with various oils and lotions, I couldn't believe how soft and hydrated my skin felt afterwards. It seriously felt incredible and I wish that I could have a facial every single day if only my purse allowed for that. I asked the therapist to write down all the products that she used on my face which lead to me purchasing only one product with two freebies. 

Long term readers will know that I'm a huge fan of cleansers so naturally I had to buy the ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser which is a tri-phase multifunctional gel cleanser that can also be used as an exfoliator and a facial mask. This by itself is £30 which for 100ml is rather steep however the spa had a deal on where you could buy both the cleanser and the Hydrating Floral Spafesh for £30 so of course it meant that I had to take them up on this offer as it basically meant I was getting the other product for free. As I was buying a product, I was also given the ESPA Beauty In The Bag Replenishing Skin Collection for Normal/Dry Sensitive which is made up of five travel sized products to continue the spa like feel at home with a how to facial routine guide. Despite not needing any more cleansers or toners, I simply couldn't resist such a good deal!

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