Thursday, 8 October 2015

T K Maxx Haul 002

Hands up who agrees that T K Maxx can be very hit and miss especially when it comes down to their beauty products? I honestly don't know how people can come away with many big branded goods when my local store fails to keep even the cheapest of items tamper proof. I believe that all the good stuff stays up north whilst we get all the ruddy stuff down south! Now with that being said, I did find a few goodies on my most recept trip there which just so happened to be up north in Nottingham.

I've been lusting after GlamGlow for ages and despite owning a sample of it, it just hasn't satisfied my cravings so when I found the GlamGlow Hello Sexy Set which contains the Super Mud Clearing Treatment and Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment all for £16.99 with a RRP of £43, I simply had to have it! Now I'm not entirely sure why but this particular set is targeted towards men when the products included are unisex however for the savings, I'm really not fussed.

My next purchase was more so an impulse buy than anything else however again, I could't resist it! It's the Glam Glow Bright Mud Eye Treatment which contains twelve single use capsules to instantly brighten the under eye area and help with dark circles, fine lines, fatigue, puffiness, plump up the area whilst hydrating it. Normally this would cost £35 however I paid £14.99 for it which is a little steep however I bet it's most definitely worth it!

Lastly, is my favourite purchase of them all and one that I've been lusting after for ages! If you remember the Illamasqua Speckled Collection from a few years ago then you will remember the nail varnishes that literally looked like a mini egg but in nail varnish form. When I saw the shade Fragile, a light speckled blue, I was literally estatic as this particular shade I've wanted for ages just I've been put off due to the price. However this only cost me £3.99 instead of £14.50 which is a great buy!

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