Friday, 1 April 2016

Favourites || March 2016

March has been a whirl wind month of trying to not spend a lot of money on things that I simply do not need in a bid to save up money to move out in the next two years or so. I believe this probably explains why I've been quiet on the blogging front especially paired with how busy work has been recently. I just simply haven't had the time or the energy to write up a blog post however I'm now back! So without going on too much more, let's delve into what I've been loving during March!

I will admit that I wasn't overly bothered on the NYX Lip Lingerie Lipsticks however the day they were launched in Boots, I caved and bought two. I partially blame my work partner in crime as well as myself for looking at swatches. I picked up the shades Push Up and Lace Detail which are pretty much the same colour except Lace Detail is more of a lighter pink when compred to Push Up. I prefer to wear the two together, layering them up to create my own unique shade which I've been rocking ever since I got them. For a girl who prefers wearing MAC Creme Cup, this is most definitely out of my comfort zone however I'm rather enjoying it.

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge will forever be my favourite tool to apply and blend my foundation with as it just blends everything out so seamless and quickly too. However, I much prefer it when it's with a brand new sponge which is exactly what I had the pleasure of using this past month. I tend to have three on rotation that I use one for a couple of days before moving onto the next which results in a deep clean every Sunday. Three on rotation may seem a little excessive however I normally stock up when they're on some sort of crazy deal and I throw them out after two to three months or so, depending on how stained they are, so I like to think that three is the magic number ;)

Now as much as I love a really defined and strong contour, there are a few times where I need to tone it down and blend it out so the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush has literally been a godsend this past month. I much prefer this particular Multi Task Brush which came in the Deluxe Gift Set that they released just before Christmas over the original Multi Task Brush which came in Sam's Picks Set as it just feels so much softer when in reality, they're both the exact same brush. It also blends everything out beautifully too so when I've applied a bit too much whilst contouring, I can simply blend it out and I'm good to go.

I've been dabbling with my highlighters again and I believe I've found the perfect combination to recreate that I've spent forever highlighting and it shows look and one of the many highlighters that I use to create said look is in fact the No7 Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf.  It's the most beautiful shimmery champagne beige that will give a wash of colour over the lids but when applied to the tops of the cheekbones, it certainly packs a punch and gives that effortless glow. Who would have thought that you could use an eyeshadow for a highlighter?!

My last favourite of the month is completely miscellaneous and childish too but it just describes me perfectly which is of course my Lotso Phone Cover that I picked up from eBay. I have a thing for phone cases that are brightly coloured because then I won't lose my phone however if I have a neutral phone cover on i.e. the phone cover from this particular Birchbox then I am constantly loosing my phone. Whilst this may not be the most acceptable phone cover to have whilst having my phone on me at work, it does make me smile constantly when I pull it out. Plus, who doesn't love Toy Story!

What products have you been loving throughout this past month?

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