Saturday, 9 April 2016

No7 Skin Illuminator

I love nothing more than having a dewy, radiant base as it just makes you look more awake even when you haven't had the best nights sleep. Whilst I do tend to stick with radiant foundations, I find that they are simply not radiant enough for my liking so I often add a little something into the mix whether that be a liquid highlighter, skin illuminator or even another radiant foundation. I recently finished up a few of my skin illuminators so I decided to treat myself to the No7 Skin Illuminator which has not long been repackaged and relaunched.

The No7 Skin Illuminator (£12.50) contains light reflecting particles that not only enhance your complexion but gives naturally gorgeous radiant skin. It comes in the shade nude that is a one shade suits all kind of deal that every skin tone can get away with wearing. It can be used in a multiple of ways including as a primer before applying your foundation, used lightly as a highlighter on the tops of your cheek and brow bones and mixed in with your foundation to add some luminosity.

As I have naturally dry skin, I find that if I don't apply a lot of primer then my skin will literally drink up my foundation so I like to apply this after my normal primer to help create a more luminous finish that looks natural on the skin. As it is the same consistency as a regular cream based primer, it does take a little while to blend it all in but the results are definitely worth it! I also mix it in generously with my foundation before applying it with a damp beauty blender which just adds even more radiance to the skin. There has been a few occasions where I have gone in afterwards and just applied it directly to the tops of my cheek bones as a subtle highlighter if I'm not happy with how radiant my base is. Overall as much as I like the Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminators, I much prefer this as it looks more natural on the skin due to the added light reflecting particles.

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