Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Best Coconut Oil EVER

Everywhere you look now, coconut oil is being added to almost anything and everything. It's literally become the ingredient to use when it comes to beauty products and you could find it in a multitude of products including teeth whitening, skincare and even nail varnishes! Back when I first started blogging, I used to be hooked to the Superdrug Coconut Oil which may not have been the purest coconut oil around but seeing as it was cheap as chips, I made do. Fast forward a few years later and I like to think that I'm now getting better as to what works for me which is why I bit the bullet and invested in the Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (£9.99) I say invested as there is no way you can get through a whole pot of it at once!

Vita Coco is a brand that most of us are familiar with as they are the brand leaders within Coconut Oil due to their thirst quenching drinks. However, they launched their very own coconut oil last year which is 100% pure, raw, extra virgin, cold pressed; essentially the purest form of coconut oil you can get in a super market. You can use it for literally everything such as cleansing your skin with, removing your makeup, cooking with, oil pulling, moisturising your skin, as a intensive hair mask, as a hair oil and it can even be used to shave with too!

My personal favourite method is using it as an intensive hair mask. I tend to scoop out a big spoons worth and rub it between my hands, distributing the oil into my hair as and when it melts. This is the part that can take a while due to it being cold pressed, it takes a while for it to melt entirely into an oil. Once I've applied enough into my hair, I throw my hair up into a messy bun and get on with my day. I prefer to apply this on a day when I'm not at work or in the evenings as it gives the appearance of greasy hair. I like to leave it in for hours before washing it out entirely to reveal deeply nourished hair with an unbeatable shine that feels silky soft.

It might be worth mentioning that I have also tried oil pulling with it too however I wasn't too keen on the taste and managed about seven minutes before spitting it out completely. There's just something about swirling a solid that melts into a liquid in your mouth that is a little off putting and vile. If you have any suggestions on how I can last a little bit longer on the oil pulling front then they're most welcome!

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