Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Hair Treatment That ALL Blondes Need!

It would appear that this month I've gone a little hair crazy so each week there will be a review or two of something hair related so I would just like to apologise in advance! The reason behind this is simply because I've had an overhaul on my hair care and I've found a lot of products that work brilliantly for me. On my hair journey on becoming a full fledged ombre that I can't see changing anytime soon, my hair has definitely become a lot drier due to the amount of bleach/colour there is in my hair so to overcome this, I've been using the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor almost every time I wash my hair and it's fast becoming one of my favourite hair masks to date!

The TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor (£13.95) is a reconstruction treatment for both blonde and chemically treated hair that is over-processed that just needs a little love and affection. It contains protein booster technology that helps restore damaged hair to a much more healthier state with the added boys of containing wheat, soy, keratin and a pro-vitamin complex to help replenish the hair. With the infusion of keratin extract and milk it helps to protect the hair from further damage all whilst smelling beautifully.

As mentioned, I use this nearly every time I wash my hair which works out to be every other day/three times a week more or less. I tend to use this as an intensive hair mask so after I've shampooed my hair twice - once with my regular shampoo and the second time with my Provoke Of Silver Brightening Shampoo - I apply a generous amount to my hair and massage it in and leave it in for as long as possible whilst I get on with my usual bathing routine. Once I wash it out, my hair instantly feels softer and healthier which only looks better once completely dried. I've noticed that since I've started using this more frequently, not only has my hair looked better in terms of shine and strength but it just overall looks so much healthier. You wouldn't think so with the amount of bleach/colour it has in it but this has truly worked wonders for my hair, so much so that I've already gone out and bought another bottle as I cannot live without it!

PS I got my bottle from B&M's for £9.99!

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