Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Blog Sale!

Ever since I've had a job, I've always bought things that I dont necessarily need.
They always end up worn a few times and then never worn again.
I've decided to sell some of these items that I have barely worn this past year to make room for new ones. It is a shame that they are not getting worn by myself but atleast they'll be going to a new home. :)

The rules:
-First come, first served basis.
-If you would like to buy an item, please state what item/s in the comment and also with your paypal address so that I can send you an invoice.
-P&P will be listed seperately. If you are buying more than one item with the £3.00 P&P, then please add 30p for each additional item.
-I am not responsible for damage in transit and I do not accept returns.
-UK only!

Items will be sent out on either a Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday!

This will be running for a week and will be removed on the 20th of November! Any items not sold will be put on eBay!

 Primark Blouse - Size 14
Label has been cut out due to making my neck itchy!
This would fit a petite 10/12.
£5 + £3 P&P

 A X Paris Top, Size 8.
This fits sizes 8, 10, 12 & 14!
£5.00 + £3 P&P

 ASOS Pink Twisted Back Top, Size 12.
£8 + £3 P&P

  Primark Blouse, Size 14.
Would fit a size 10/12.
£4 + £3 P&P

  Primark Blouse/Dressy Top, Size 14.
£4.50 + £3 P&P

 River Island Top, Size 10.
Would fit a size 8/10
Bought in January during the Christmas sales for £10!
£5 + £3 P&P

Primark Pleated Blouse, Size 14.
Would fit a size 14/16
£4.50 + £3 P&P

 Pauls Boutique Hi Low Baggy Long Sleeved Top, Size L
£7 + £3 P&P

 Superdry Lumberjack Hoodie
RRP £60!
£27 + £6.50 P&P (Will be sent First Class Recorded/Signed For!)

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