Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Back when I was little, I would always look through the Argos catalogue when they would bright out their Christmas edition and circle almost everything in it that I wanted. Nowadays, I don't even get a peek in it as we don't get it anymore. Instead, I write everything I want on a word document and send it to my Dad with high importance in the middle of September/October time.
Here's what I'm wanting this Christmas and it doesn't just contain beauty items!
  Barry M Lipstick in 101 Marshmallow || Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium 3 || MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit || Models Own Gold Finger

Bioderma || Geordie Shore Second Series || Kitty Kitty by Michele Jaffe || Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done by Sarah Mylnowski

 Real Techniques Setting Brush || Letters to Juliet || Yankee Candle Silician Lemon || Yankee Candle Sparkling Lemon 

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?
 (All images are from Google)


  1. I so didn't realise that Geordie Shore was on DVD, I want! xx

    1. Yup - I have season one on DVD and I've watched it quite a few times :) xo

  2. I love the Letters to Juliet film, really makes me want to go to Italy! xx

  3. Great wishlist, Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure. Really want this on DVD tehe :)


    1. Haha, better put it on your Christmas wishlist ;) xo