Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Outspoken by Fergie

"Sexy. Fearless. Unexpected. An outrageously bold expression of iced berry shockingly contrasted with ultra-feminine tuberose absolute and racy black leather"

Outspoken by Fergie was released early June 2010 and was (and still is) sold exclusively by Avon. It's Fergies' first fragrance of many which has been a big hit with many people. It's a highly contrasted scent with a raw edge to shock the senses. Intoxicating and sensual, Outspoken combines equal parts of independence, confidence and femininity. Bold top notes impart a mysteries sensation that awakes the senses whilst the fearless feminine heart is sharply contrasted with raw sexiness and a distincy masculine edge from the racy black leather. The floral, fruit fragrance speaks volume.

The packaging is most definitely what you would expect from a bold female such as Fergie, it's racy, out there, girly but with a twist of masculinity. I quite how simple but yet intricate the packaging is as it definitely stands out from the rest of my perfumes.

The inspiration for the bottle came from Fergie's wedding day as she recalls seeing a beautiful crystal decanter and she wanted that classic elegant design to be reflected in her fragrance.The faceted diamond top is complimented by the seductive purple almost black hue of the curved glass bottle which together symbolises the fragrance's confidence and feminity.

There are three layers of this perfume, the bold top notes being iced berry, star fruit and wild saffron. The intoxicating heart notes being tuberose absolute, midnight jasmine and passion flower. And lastly, the fearless background notes being racy black leather, raw ebony wood and smokey vetiver. All these combined makes the fragrance rather sexy. 

Overall, this is a perfume that is suitable for both day and night use and will most definitely make you feel and look sexier, confident and altogether a lot more outspoken.
 You can purchase Outspoken along with Fergie's other fragrances from Avon for £10+

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