Saturday, 17 November 2012

Chance by Chanel Eau De Parfum

I seem to have acquired quite a few perfumes over the years, some of which I save for those special occasions whether it be a wedding or a night out somewhere. Chance by Chanel* is one of those perfumes that I save for those sorts of occasions, especially because it was gifted to me from my Grandma as she doesn't need perfumes as she works on her own ranch. I refused it at first purely because it's a very extragavant gift, more so as it was brand spanking new. But when she said that if I didn't take it she would throw it in the bin, I took it and I haven't looked back.

Chance comes packaged in a luxurious pink and gold box with embossed writing which looks adorable amongst my other perfumes. The bottle itself is very circular, which has a reflective metallic strip runnining all the way round. The cap itself has Chanel imprinted on it and is made of the same reflective metallic materal as the strip which could do some hefty damage as it is rather heavy, especially for a lid.

Chance is described as a constellation of scents, warmed up by Absolute of Vanilla, where Absolute of Exotic Jasmine and Iris are more pronounced. A mysterious alchemy accentuated by the intensity of the White Musk note. It's the unpredictable balance that continually surprises, apparently. You can definitely smell the white musk and absolute of exotic jasmine and iris!

If you're thinking about getting a loved one a perfume for Christmas this year, then you should definitely consider Chance by Chanel. It's the perfect muskier floral perfume which is sure to delight anybody who receives it at Christmas, as I know I would.

Chance by Chanel can be bought from any good perfume retailer for as little as £44.50 for 35ml and as much as £87.50 for 100ml.


  1. I've actually never smelt this bit I hav heard wonderful things about it, must give it a sniff sometime!

  2. You made me want to try this out! I love how sleek the packaging is.

  3. I have the green one of this and frigging love it! :) xx