Thursday, 15 November 2012

Maybelline FIT!me Foundation in 115

Before Maybelline released their FIT!me range over here in the UK, many UK bloggers including myself lusted over their products, in particular their foundation. On my trip to America back in July, I managed to pick one up from Walmart. Unforunately unlike over here where we have colour guides, Walmart didn't have any so I had to choose by eye which shade and I think I picked up a pretty good match.


The foundation in the FIT!me line comes well presented within a sturdy glass bottle with black accents. Unlike the UK version which has a built in pump dispenser which prevents waste from dispensing too much, the US version doesn't have a built in pump which is a disaster as whenever I use this foundation, I always end up pouring far too much on my hand which is very wasteful. The idea behind the FIT!me range is that it's makeup that fits you. It contains no oils and no waxes which in sense is no nonsense.

As I'm in the light to medium skin category (depending on the brand of foundation) shade 115 is a good match to my skin tone.The foundation itself is a light textured liquid which offers medium to high coverage but it can be a little tricky to blend in, particularly if you have any dry patches then I suggest that you try dampening your brush before application. I personally like to apply my Mattifying Gel and then use my RT Buffing Brush with this foundation and it blends in like a dream. The coverage of this leaves my skin looking and feeling natural whilst not being heavy at all on the skin.

L-R Swatched, blended in lightly, blended in fully.

As you can see, it blends in almost perfectly with my skin and this is definitely a foundation I turn to when on days I'm wanting a natural coverage which covers up most of my blemishes. This is definitely a foundation worth investing in! I'm tempted to pick up the concealer next.

You can pick Maybelline FIT!me Foundation, powder and concealer from any Superdrug & Boots. 

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  1. I've heard great things about this and i have sent off for a sample, i'll have to see how it goes :)

    Sophierosehearts x