Thursday, 10 October 2013

Arora Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit

I've never been a fan of moisturising my body as I just find the whole process tedious. I much prefer being able to get out the bath, dry myself off and get dressed quickly. However, I've recently been making a conscious effort to atleast moisturise my legs when I get out of the bath as it seems to be getting a lot colder now that it's Autumn so I'm wanting to keep my legs moisturised at the very least. The product I've been using is the Arora Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit that one of my blogging friends, Jess, made me buy after reading her rave review on it here.

The Arora Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit is a luxurious and moisturising body butter which has a delicious, juicy fragrance with extracts of both pink grapefruit and guava. It contains nourishing shea butter and glycerin which helps to leave the skin feel soft and smooth. This is a rather rich and creamy paste that sinks into the skin almost instantly when rubbed in. Unlike The Body Shop Body Butters, this doesn't move about when rubbing it in as it just seems to stay in one place almost. I find that it takes just a few seconds to sink into the sink once applied which means there is none of the awkward faffing about afterwards.

What I like the most about this product is just how moisturising it is. After coming out of the bath and applying this, my legs just feel so soft! I find that this feeling lasts until the next day too which I haven't experienced before with a body butter including the infamous The Body Shop Body Butter in Shea Butter which is meant to be one of the moisturising body butters that they do. I've been using this after I have a bath and I reckon I've got just under half left which is pretty good going, especially when I've had this since the end of August. I've already repurchased this body butter in this particular scent as well as Sweet Vanilla as I really do like this. I honestly think this is one of my holy grail products as it's just such a great product for such a low price.

The Arora Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit can be purchased from Superdrug for £3.99 which is often on half price. It also comes in a wide variety of scents including Sweet Vanilla, Chocolate Expresso, Coconut Creme, Pomegranate Passion and Wild Berry.

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