Saturday, 26 October 2013

Superdrug Haul 003

I recently used up a sample of the Garnier Moisture Match Protect & Glow Illuminating Light Lotion which featured in my most recent Samples I've Used Up post. To say that this was love at first use is an understatement as I literally fell head over heels for it which I don't think is possible especially for a product. With that in mind, I thought that it would be rude not to pick it up as I think this will be perfect as a day time moisturiser as it helps make the skin look glowy which many bloggers crave and it also has an added bonus of SPF20, which means that my skin will be protected.

To go along with the Protect & Glow, I knew I had to pick up the Wake Me Up version as I've had many make up free days where people have commented on either how tired I look or asking me if I'm ill which isn't a great thing. This contains citrus extracts which helps to give the skin a wake up call by making the skin look more radiant whilst giving the skin some much needed hydration. I'm hoping this will be just as good as the Protect & Glow and perhaps it will stop people commenting on how dull my skin is and comment on how radiant it is instead.

The last product I picked up from Superdrug is of course from the same range as the other two but in the Goodbye Dry version. I've noticed that my skin has been feeling a lot drier now that the days are getting colder so I'm hoping this will sort it out. It's a ultra hydrating rich cream which is meant to protect the skin from feeling tight, uncomfortable and dehydrated and instead make the skin look plumper and feel silky soft.

I managed to pick all these up for just under a tenner as Superdrug were having a half price offer across the whole Garnier line. I'm glad that I bought these in Superdrug rather than in Boots as I almost paid full price for them all in Boots which just goes to show that you should check in both stores to see which product/s are cheaper.

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