Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Favourite Brushes

There used to be a time when I used to apply make up with my fingers and sponges and I shudder every time I think of it as I know for a fact that I didn't wash my sponges. Nowdays, I rarily use my fingers as I have a whole variety of brushes to apply, blend, buff, bronze, highlight etc my skin. I thought I would share with you what brushes I've been loving using recently.

For my base, I tend to always apply my foudation with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This is a flat top kabuki brush which makes applying and buffing in foundation like a dream. Whilst I do think this is a very good brush, I mainly go in afterwards with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to help finish blending in foundation in areas that I think I might have missed with the Buffing Brush. As it is so densly packed, I find that it blends in foundation so well. I like using these two together as they help make me look like I'm not wearing any foundation at all as they've both blended it in and buffed it in so well. To help set my base, I use whatever powder and the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Face Brush and just stipple it in rather than blending it in. I find that this brush distributes powder evenly due to it being a duo-fiber brush and not so densly packed.

I always wear bronzer and I find the best brush to apply this with is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. As this brush is quite large yet slightly tapered at the end, I find this brush applies bronzer perfectly to either contour my cheeks or just apply bronzer in general. I wear highlighter without fail and the only brush I've found which applies this well is the Real Techniques Contour Brush as it's just a small-ish brush which is slightly tapered at the end. I find this doesn't pack on the highlighter no matter how much I swirl it in my highlighter as it just evenly distributes it across the top of my cheeks. Sometimes I can be a little heavy handed with my bronzer so I love using my Ecotools Powder Brush just to help blend everything in better and make it look not quite as dramatic. 

The last two brushes that I've been loving go hand in hand with eachother as I only really use them on my eyelashes and on my eyebrows. The ELF Eyelash & Brow Wand is basically a spoolie which makes combing through my lashes and brows really easy. As that brush tends to pick up foundation quite easily and leave bits of foundation in my eyebrows, I tend to go in afterwards with the Ecotools Lash Brush which helps get rid of that. This is a dual sided brush as one side has a plastic comb and the other has bristles.

What brushes do you use to apply your make up?

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