Sunday, 9 November 2014

Imperial Leather Bewitching Bath Creme

There's nothing I love more than running myself a warm bath filled with bubbles during the cold winter months. I'm not too fussy what I use to make the bubbles as so long as it's cheap and smells good, I'll buy it. Recently, I found myself wanting to try something else to use in my bubbles baths so I decided to try the Imperial Leather Bewitching Bath Creme.

The Imperial Leather Bewitching Bath Creme in Blackberry Blossom & Wild Fig is unlike any other bubble bath I've tried as for starters, it smells absolutely divine! It scents the entire room with its bewitching, beautifully intoxicating, soul-uplifting scent. It creates a mountain of bubbles which don't necessarily last as long as the length of time I'm in the bath unfortunately. What I like the most about this is how soft my skin feels whilst I'm in the bath and this is just minutes after getting into it. Unforunately, it would appear that you can no longer buy it due to it being limited edition but I'm sure that they'll bring it out again next year.

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