Friday, 7 November 2014

Max Factor Colour Corrector CC Sticks

Recently, I've found myself feeling a little down when it comes to applying my makeup as my dark circles are becoming more noticeable which no amount of concealer will cover up as well as a tad of redness across my cheeks. No matter how much makeup I apply or how much sleep I get, I know that these won't cover up/go away entirely so I've recently found myself reaching for the Max Factor CC Sticks.

The Max Factor CC Sticks (£8.99 each) are a super creamy, blendable formula that are targeted to address specific skin issues that are available in six different shades - green to counteract redness; yellow to conceal dark circles; blue to get rid of dull looking skin and peach, pink and champagne to highlight any areas. Out of all six available, I've been reaching for just the three core colours - yellow, blue and green as I have more than enough highlighters to highlight my face.

For the record, I apply these CC sticks before my foundation just to help counteract any specific skin issues before masking them entirely with foundation. This is just to ensure that I have concealed them as best as possible and to achieve a flawless look. I tend to use the green shade first and it apply it across my cheeks, concentrating it mainly where any redness is and once blended it, any visible redness is gone entirely and instead, I have normal looking skin albeit with a slight green tone. With the yellow shade, I just apply it under my eyes in a triangular shape in a bid to highlight the area whilst concealing my dark circles. Whilst it doesn't conceal my dark circles entirely, it does do a pretty darn good job at it. With the blue shade, I tend to apply it mainly around my t-zone with a little more on my cheeks. I wouldn't necessarily say that this helps get rid of dull looking skin as it doesn't contain any light reflecting pigments to create a radiant base but it does make the skin look a little more awake. I will admit that these are not a must have beauty product to have as it does take a little while to apply and blend it all in but I do believe that they are worth it, especially if you're wanting a flawless finish.

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