Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Favourite No7 Mascaras

I am a big mascara junkie and I love nothing more than trying out mascaras although I try to stick to having two open at any one time. Whenever I'm in the market for a new mascara, I look no further than No7 purely because I prefer their formulas over the likes of L'Oreal and Rimmel and they're forever handing out their infamous money off vouchers which make them even cheaper. As I've tried out almost every mascara that they do, I thought I would share my favourite mascaras from No7.

The No7 Midnight Lash Mascara (£13.50) is one of their more recent launches having only come out leading up to Christmas last year. It is one of their blackest mascaras which not only coats every lash but contains black pearl and sapphire to really dress the lashes. Unlike traditional bristle wands, this has a rather interesting shape with the wand being fatter in the middle and the bristles going in a diagonal shape. This particular mascara helps give lots of definition, length and volume whilst coating every lash. After several coats, you get beautifully long lashes which helps make the eyes appear larger which will be ideal if you have short lashes. As the formula is not waterproof, the slightest bit of moisture will smudge the lashes so ensure you stay well away from water or instead seal the lashes with a waterproof mascara.

I've already reviewed the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara (£12.95) but it is still one of my favourite mascaras to date and is one of No7 best selling mascaras! It has a plasic straight wand which can coat even the shortest of lashes transforming them completely into beautifully long, black lashes. This mascara is ideal for those wanting lots of volume and definition as it builds up the lashes within a few coats. Despite the formula not being waterproof, it does not budge at all! You can literally go running and still have perfect looking lashes which is a bold statement but is one that I'm sticking to as I've put it to the test. I personally prefer using this as a bottom lash mascara as it gently defines my bottom lashes whilst giving length.

The No7 Extreme Length Extend Mascara (£12.95) is the only mascara by No7 that I've used lots of samples of and is one mascara that I simply cannot live without! The wand is a traditional plastic wand which is slightly curved that allows you to coat every lash without smudging. Unlike other No7 mascaras, the formula is enriched with hollow shaped fibres that sticks to the lashes so you can easily build up the lashes to make them longer, more defined and just generally fanned out with intense volume. I personally prefer using this mascara in conjunction with other mascaras to really build up the length and truly define them and I find that using it that way, it sets my mascara so that it does not budge despite the formula not being waterproof.

My last favouite mascara is the No7 Lash Impact Mascara (£13.50) which is one of their more intense mascaras. This has a traditional bristle wand which helps get right into the base of the lashes and really build up the volume. Unlike other mascaras by No7, this particular one has a bold claim that it gives great volume in one coat and an amplified false lash effect in two coats without clumping which I will happily hold my hand up and say is false. It does give incredible volume and it can give an amplified false lash effect within quite a few coats - you have to really work with the mascara and build it up from the base to get the effect required. If it gave false lash effect lashes within two coats then the amount of time I spend applying mascara will be halfed - literally! Despite it's false bold claim, this is quite literally one of my most favourite mascaras by No7 as if I truly spend my time building up the length, I will achieve false lash effect lashes which last all day without clumps or flaking off. 

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