Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sanctuary Body Butter

One thing that I love more than having a bath is actually pampering myself after a bath which often consists of a mixture of various oils and lotions to keep my skin and hair hydrated. As I like to use similar bath products, I've found myself reaching for the Sanctuary Body Butter which has been helping keeping my mitts hydrated for the past few weeks..

The Sanctuary Body Butter (£10) is a luxuriously rich body butter and intensive skin booster which is crammed with nourishing cocoa butter and creamy shea butter to help keep skin hydrated and nourished for longer.

I like to scoop out a generous sized amount for each body part before massaging it in, ensuring that I concentrate mainly on the drier areas of that particular body area. I find that no matter how little or how much I massage it in, it never truly seems to sink in instantly so I end up having to do the hurry-up-and-dry-body dance which I'm sure we've all done plenty of times. Once it's finally absorbed, my skin feels soft and hydrated to the touch with Sanctuarys' signature scent lingering on my skin for hours after applying. What I like the most about this body butter is not how soft it makes my skin feels or the scent but how a little goes a long way so I can easily see one tub lasting a good while or so.

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