Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sanctuary Body Scrub

It feels as though I've tried every single Soap & Glory Body Scrub and although I do like quite a few of them, I'm wanting to get through my stash of beauty products before I repurchase any more. One said product is the Sanctuary Body Scrub of which I do have a few of them which is from buying Sanctuary gift sets at Christmas.

The Sanctuary Body Scrub (£5.50) contains natural pumice grains, soothing orange oil and rejuvenating patchouli which makes it one revitalising, gentle body scrub that you can use every single day as both a cleansing shower gel as well as a body scrub.

Unlike a really gritty body scrub in a tub, the Sanctuary offering comes packaged in a tube and is very gentle so I've found myself going through this at a fast rate as sadly a little doesn't go a long way. As I much prefer a more grittier body scrub, I've been applying twice as much and really scrubbing it in to get the same effect which although it does help with the chicken skin on my arms, it doesn't half hurt my arms! With that being said, I have found this to be the perfect scrub for when I'm fake tanning as it gently exfoliates the skin whilst not removing all the fake tan so whilst it may not be ideal for when I'm pale, it's brilliant for when I'm fake tanned.

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