Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Angels Delight anybody?

Yes, I know.. Yet another Lush review!
I have so many Lush products that I need to use up so I thought why don't I do a review on all of my remaining Lush products which have a label.. Which isn't many! I may just need to take all my Lush products into the store and ask them to name them and gimme labels for them..

This soap I bought on the day I found out that I had got the job that I so desperately wanted so I popped into Lush to treat myself. I honestly don't know what made me buy this as it honestly doesn't smell that great anymore - not that it doesn't but it doesn't smell like Lush's products. That might actually be because it was in a container with all my other Lush soaps but still..
ANGELS DELIGHT (£2.80/0.112KG)

"A divine spectacularly seasonal soap for Christmas. Lather up with our best-selling, sweet smelling tangerine and sweet orange delicious."

Just so you know, they do change the labels they print for the products when it's not Christmas I think! And I did in fact buy this back in November..

On first apperance, I like how this soap looks - it's like a rainbow effect almost. When I first opened this, the smell of tangerine surely did hit me which may be a little off putting for anybody who does not like the smell of tangerine or any fruit for that matter.

It lathers up quite nicely for a soap - which I'm sure any soap lovers out there would want in a soap. It also leaves your skin squeaky clean and the scent lasts on your skin for quite a while. On closer apperance to the soap, I noticed there were little shiny flakes in it which I'm not sure are meant to be there or not. This definitely does add a little devine touch to the soap.

Overall, it's quite a nice soap. The only downside I have about it is that when I lushed it (Yes, I don't always use Google), it looks completely different on the website when compared to the soap I've got. Maybe this is because I bought the Christmas edition, I dont know. But none the less, I would definitely recommend to anybody who loves Lush products/Lush soaps/Soaps in general.

Stay tuned for more Lush reviews

Please note that Lush do not pay me for their reviews - I simply have quite a lot of Lush products which I have acquired since a dear friend has started working there. Which works out quite well for the both of us :)


  1. I love solid soaps! Actually planning a post on them next week :) xo

    1. You should really try the brazened honey face mask! It is my face mask obsession!! xo

    2. *Adds to list of things to buy* You've already convinced me to buy their Lemony Fluuter - any other Lush products that I might as well buy whilst I'm at it? ;) xo

    3. Breath of Fresh Air toner spray ;) It's a must xo

    4. Well funnily enough.. I do actually need a new toner as I'm running low! So I'll definitely be getting this.. I just hope my local Lush stocks it xo

  2. This is my absolute favourite Lush soap, I hope it comes out with the holiday stuff this year so I can stock up, i'm almost out of my current chunk! xoxo