Monday, 28 May 2012

NOTW #5: Lilac Chantilly Carnival

After having my pampering day on tuesday in preparation for my birthday, my nails were looking a little chipped and dull on saturday, so I decided to spruce them up a little. I had picked these nail varnishes during one of my many Birthday Hauls and I'm quite delighted that they compliment eachother nicely.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in shade 30 Lilac Chantilly is such a nice metallic shade of purple. It applies nicely and only requires one or two applications in order to get the full metallic look. Technic in Carnival adds enough glitter and sparkles to make the nails stand out but looks as though not much effort was required. I think I had to apply about three coats to get the right amount of glitter that I wanted.

Oh, and excuse the fact that some of my nails are chipped. I did paint these in a rush on saturday and I have been doing quite a bit since then.

What's your favourite glittery nails look?